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Mega modų paketas V6

Autorius: TC


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10 Responses to Mega modų paketas V6

  1. Ole parašė:

    What’s new on this version compare to the last one??

  2. admin parašė:

    TIR and others sign, new lights, etc..

  3. Jeferson parašė:

    You guys could put some description of what some mods do or not, or, put the original mod source link to allow us to get more information and actualizations in bugs.

  4. troffeo parašė:

    Can everybody help me with link, because i cant open???

    Thanks in advance

  5. EuroTruckSimulator.org Moderater parašė:

    the archive is not valid. pleass fix this asap thanks

  6. Peter parašė:

    When I try this mod the tir, super and much more was
    not functioning,Mega mod pack V5 seems to work allright but I really want v6 to work,can someone help me?

  7. angus parašė:

    Poor Description …. This mod work for All truck ? just Scania ? game version? Map ? ………..

  8. miki duta parašė:

    link broken

  9. marcus parašė:

    what trucks can you use this mod on

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