Mercedes MPIV Nvidia tekstūra su salonu




6 Responses to Mercedes MPIV Nvidia tekstūra su salonu

  1. Joey says:

    Why do all MP4’s interiors have 2 gps displays, WHY??

    • Dan Nepi says:

      Why MP4 interiors looks like they are cutted from a paper? Because its not from SCS. So again i say, better wait for trucks like this from SCS, because they are going to add every new 2013 truck i think, so we will wait a year, maybe more. But i dont care.

  2. Fred_be says:

    To make beautiful hahahahaha

  3. Cram90 says:

    Are you a Nvidia freak or what?

  4. Fred_be says:

    No I love the colors of Nvidia

  5. nportegies says:

    Fred you also have another link to download

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