Rusijos Express žemėlapis v 3.8


Palaikomas su ProMods / TSM / MHA žemėlapiais

Valera_t, SCS, Julien, Fred_be, Stalker45, Gluk, FLD, Jazzycat


52 Responses to Rusijos Express žemėlapis v 3.8

  1. Alex40 says:

    Archive is corrupted!!!

    • poutine says:

      Данная карта,показанная на буржуйском сайте,”лажа” полная.

      .Cette carte représentée dans les sites gastronomiques, “merde” est terminé

      Cette card(map) represented in the gastronomic sites, “the ####” is ended

  2. WillM says:

    After unpacking the archive, WinRAR I reported an error

  3. mothertrucker says:

    I confirm that the archive is broken. Reupload.

  4. Hendrik says:

    Fehler im Archiv beim entpacken der Datei.

  5. Karina says:

    Thank you.Masskwa sity.

  6. IvanGF14 says:

    For unpack, use winrar 5.1 Lower versions cant unpack that RAR

    • WillM says:

      I WinRar 5.1, but despite that I report that the file is corrupted

  7. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Using winrar 5.1 says file is corrupt.
    using 7zip it says, file is broken.

    If there’s another way to unpack this file, please let us know. Thanks.

  8. mothertrucker says:

    I’ve come to a conclusion that this upload is fake. I know about valera_t, he would never give his map to anyone for editing and updating, even though it’s a hard time for him and his family (he’s from Ukraine). More to say, where is 3.8 come from? Looks like some random version number.

    Still waiting for uploader’s comment about that.

  9. Bumbors says:

    За такой обман российские пользователи могут автору этой темы разорхивировать задницу и засунуть туда этот архив вместе с архиватором.

  10. WillM says:

    It could be this whole post and delete the file when you are with him such problems ??? Thank you

  11. Bikkel says:

    file is corrupt not unpack with various programs

  12. petronny says:

    This #### it’s a russian fake.

  13. мираж says:

    С разрешения Valera_t.
    И кто дал разрешение на адаптацию.Валера точно не давал.А за такую ложную информацию сразу банить нужно и не морочить людям голову.

  14. Никсон says:

    С какого разрешения? Валера не давал никому никакого разрешения.И не нужно морочить голову людям.За такой фейк в баню нужно отправлять.

  15. Xpolt says:


  16. Fred_be says:

    Sorry there was a problem downloading, I will send a new link

  17. Fred_be says:

    New link

  18. Fred_be says:

    click on Download Vader

    • Vader says:

      Thank you,Fred_be!! Eastern Express works with ETS2 v.1.12.x! I test now two hours! Can you connect this map with TSM? Everyone will be grateful and happy!
      Good luck and success, Fred!!! Go ahead!

  19. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Short Delivery run done….

  20. 4004 says:

    So, no bugs on 1.12? Compatible with ProMods, PolandReb?

  21. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. 2nd video uploaded….what fun….

  22. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Part 2 of the 2nd video uploaded….

  23. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. If anyone’s still interested, parts 3 through 5 of driving on this map has been uploaded…. it’s too many links to list.

    If you have time, stop over at my channel and have a look around.

    Thanks. Enjoy.

  24. Server Tanıtımları says:

    Mükemmelllll Perfect – More Maps Mod Ets2

  25. snowGirls says:

    ne pozortes? eto feik. ydalite nafig!!!

  26. spirit says:

    Please,poutitine…can you upload only your fixed def / world folder?

    so we can enjoy this big map too!


  27. lion002 says:

    ..can you poutitine repack only moded def/world and upload here,please… i deleted duplicate from def/world witch I compare with promods def/world and game still crashe..

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