Sisu Date Alive tekstūrų paketas


Date Alive tekstūrų paketas Sisu vilkikui

Autoriai: Joe Alker, RJL, Truck fayee


15 Responses to Sisu Date Alive tekstūrų paketas

  1. Syahrul says:

    kurumi!!nice one!!! 😀

    • joe_alker says:

      Thanks mate, that’s actually the skin I use in game, but with my company logos added. Just think it looks cooler than the others.

  2. Faelandaea says:

    I absolutely loved this anime. It had me laughing so hard the entire way through! 🙂

    • joe_alker says:

      I’m tempted to watch it, if I can find Japanese version on YouTube with subtitles.

      By the way, credits should read:
      Joe Alker: Skin
      RJL: Truck
      Fayee: Inspiration

      • Faelandaea says:

        I think it is worth it. It is one of those shows that starts out SO cheesy and ###### that you start to go, “Nah, not my style”, but human psychology prevails . . . the show is so cheesy that you can’t stop watching it. I facepalmed at least 50 times an episode and just went “###? Who thought of this?” but kept watching because it was so funny.

        • joe_alker says:

          I’ve watched the first episode and part of the second, and I’m hooked!

          So yes, it was worth it!

  3. Victory21 says:

    Nice job dude!

  4. Timo says:

    Ei Jumankaut! älä mee Sisua tällä tavalla pilaamaan! tekiskö joku parempia (esim Suomalaisia kulj.liikkeitä tai Sisun Logolla koristettuja Sisuja!kiitos!

  5. Fonissa says:

    its for scania also?

  6. fayee says:

    nice skin and nice color
    a little suggest , add something on the background
    will more perfect!
    hope you dont mind , just discuss 🙂

    • joe_alker says:


      As for the background, I do get the feeling something is missing, however i would have to get everything to line up, and that takes time. I do intend to improve the skins at some point, one thing that would be useful is a program that just reads the scs files and previews the model so you can preview the skin without continually exiting and restarting the game.

      • fayee says:

        yeah , maybe you can open a group or something , we can discuss or share make skin

        my steam id : fayee

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