TruckSim žemėlapis 5.2 ab


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Nauja versija visiems puikiai žinomo TSM žemėlapio.

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55 Responses to TruckSim žemėlapis 5.2 ab

  1. Leonid says:

    Where video?
    Although people know that they download, it can cat in the bag.

  2. gaby55 says:

    grazie di cuore – thank you very much – vielen Dank

    I finish the work in progress and I feel now

  3. Leonid says:

    for version 1.13.3 fit?

  4. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. I was using v5.1.2 with Rus Map 1.3.5 + the Indonesia Map. So far, I made the change to v5.2 with Rus Map 1.3.5 + Indonesia Map and everything’s showing up fine as before.

    After doing a few runs, it seems Trucksim Map v5.2 is still compatible with Rus Map & Indonesia Map.

    • Marco Bornatoviski says:

      Hey @Experimental Trucker
      This map needs enable new profile?

      • toros says:

        i have this maps and ru map and its not necesary to enable new profile. whit your profile work goods

    • toros says:

      i dind’t know tsm map was compatible with other maps. I am downloadind this russian map. which more other maps is truck sim map compatible??? Thanks

  5. 2x2 says:

    old profile works. and works with

  6. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    @Marco Bornatoviski. I don’t think so. I just switched out the TSM v5.1.2 files with the v5.2 and I was able to continue where I left off in the map without a problem.

    Just make a backup of your profile in case you have a problem.

    • Marco Bornatoviski says:

      Thanks for help @Experimental Trucker … Especially not changed many things make necessary the new profile.

  7. Human says:

    is safe to overite old files, i have made before too

  8. scaniar440 says:

    can i use promods map with it?

  9. aaronbelgium says:

    i can’t see the hole map?

    • maddison says:

      May you need the mapzoom, you’ll find it on our forum. Or you pack the game_data.sii from the *def&mat.scs (you’ll find it under the /def folder) in a seperate mod with much “zzzz” before it, that it will load a last, this will correct these problem.

  10. cold says:

    why 1.11 ?

  11. ROX says:

    The GPS showing the road to Hamburg but the road is blocked with white & red barriers like stuff ### ???
    Anyone has the same problem ?

    • maddison says:

      May you must plan another route? 😉 May you have overseen any sign?

  12. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. (I don’t know why I didn’t see this before)

    For the people running the Indonesia map with the TSM map & followed the picture tutorial that came with the Indonesia map and deactivated the 2 TSM files may have the problem of the TSM part of the map not showing.

    If all the TSM files are activated with the files from the Indonesia map, Everything should show up.

    I think the downside is that now just about all the city names in the Indonesia map is a duplicate of some of the cities in the TSM part of the map.

    If I had given out wrong info in my previous posts, I’m sorry about that.

  13. Evox says:

    Loading screen still show 5.1

  14. ROX says:

    BIG problem in Italy in Reggio Calabria impossible to deliver the excavator in the mine because the climb too high like 45°- 50° !!!
    P.S. using Volvo FH16 750 Hp so the engine is not problem.

  15. sirotky says:

    ElbTunnel is a ####
    This map will never be as good as that from ProMods!

  16. marchamilton says:

    hi guys and to the designers,

    all is well with the map but i have found some toll gates that dont allow you to go through

    1. between reims and paris
    2. between orleans and paris (2nd gate near paris) N104
    3. outside napoli going to potenza E45
    4. between paris amd roma (in and out) E45 – A1

    driving a scania T

    got pics but cant send them here
    my email : [email protected]

    would like some feedback please…

    • unknown says:

      The problem is your SCANIA T. SCS moved the Toll points at some Toll gates not in the perfect Position.
      You´ve to saddle off or use a mod which removes the Toll Points.
      It´s been discussed several times in TSM- Forum, and it´s not a Map- problem.

  17. marchamilton says:

    also im running ets2 v1.13.4.1s
    tsm v5.2
    russian v1.35
    indonesian map

  18. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. On the TSM website in the news section, this is the message that’s written in large print,
    A T T E N T I O N! !
    Unfortunately we create an error in the map.

    The map 5.2 currently only works with the DLC “Going East”

    In the next few days we will release a second download link where the map 5.2 is running without DLC.
    Please excuse the mistake.

    Going back to some of the previous posts on map compatibility, if interested, here’s part 1 of a 5 part video of a 4080+km run starting in the Russia map, across the TSM map, & ending up in part of the Indonesia map.

    Part 1…..

    The rest of it is here…

  19. satan says:

    Can anyone reupload to another link? or somethings please. 🙁
    original links are too slow and can’t resume when interrupt 🙁 Help me

  20. LefkasMan says:

    Besides a few minor things, everything is working great. No complains so far.
    The only remark I like to make is a problem with teh roadmap. It is focused on the centre of the screen and is not possible to move down, to see Greece or Northern Africa. The view is allways moving back to a certain centre point.
    Is there a simple solution to solve this problem?
    I have no clues for programming any file, so it might be helpfull if the is a simple setting to make.

    • unknown says:

      Use the “Map zoom”- Mod. Find it in the Download- section of TSM- Forum.

  21. gabriel says:

    hi is maps is works on 1.12 for euro truck simulator 2

  22. Trevor89 says:

    Am I doing something wrong? I don’t seem to get anything else on the map except the stock map. I’ve activated the map mod, the loading screen is TSM, but the map is the stock map? :/

    • 2x2 says:

      if you have a version with the DLC, then everything should be. if no DLC, then wait until the fix. This version works only with DLC

  23. Osvaldo says:

    Congratulations on the map … It’s very good …

    Please check the shadows. When the truck goes down the shade, and I see in the mirror, not the shadow appears in the rearview.
    Thank you …

    Congratulations on the map … It’s very good …

    Please check the shadows. When the truck goes down the shade, and I see in the mirror, not the shadow appears in the rearview.
    Thank you …

  24. ivan says:

    What happened with Balkans project?

  25. kolec says:

    that each map tsm map is the same as the previous blends, such that each is kasacjca in the city or goals

  26. Valer says:

    Cursa catre Danemarca da crash tot timpul…… e ok harta…..afara cu ea.

  27. duda says:

    Did you fix the moroccan plates?

  28. 2x2 says:

    And what’s wrong with moroccan plates? there’re letters A-V added instead Arabic. that’s standard I can’t yet to do that. Please send me any ideas how to do this at e-mail: [email protected]
    But away I fix English plates. If you want it e-mail is above… 🙂

    • 2x2 says:

      I fixed LP of Morroco and Libya. unfortunately TSM-team forgot to replace this LP. If you need this I can send a link on e-mail

  29. kolec says:

    These cool maps tsm because what little cassation initial walls were now the fashion for cassation tsm just so on each but it clears up każba I ask why

  30. Ricardo says:

    Does it work on the newest 1.14?

  31. Utku says:

    How you can make that a scs. file ??
    pleas help me

  32. 2x2 says:

    this archive. you must package without compression. then rename the rar/zip into scs

  33. michufino says:

    No puedo descomprimir el mapa ayuda lo tengo en 7z lo cambio a rar y a zip y no se puede descargar ayuden :p

  34. Gedas says:

    Works with 1.18 ?

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