Volvo fh16 2012 8×4 pakeliama ašis


Versija 1.14

jgut-, Niksarlı


5 Responses to Volvo fh16 2012 8×4 pakeliama ašis

  1. Jhon says:

    graphic mod pliz??

  2. yasin says:


  3. Baba says:

    THIS IS NO v1.14xx version !

    red listings

    Invalid wheel index – UPGRADE truck_1.PMD !

  4. demonlord007 says:

    i get this error in the log when using the 8×4 taglift

    Invalid wheel index (2, 3). Rear wheels must be indexed from rear with indices 0 and 1 on rearmost axle. Model: /vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2012/truck_1.pmd

  5. ben says:

    this is not a taglift its called midlift aka the tag wheel is the last set of wheels on a truck that has two sets of wheels at the back of the track so u should change the name to midlift not taglift

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