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Waeco kondicionierius


Waeco kondicionierius DAF, MAN, Scania ir Volvo sunkvežimiams

Autoriai: Petrik, Manu.Be98

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9 Responses to Waeco kondicionierius

  1. Ramin parašė:

    Does that Scania Truck have a rear bumper with the circular or block tailights. Can you create a scania like that as a standalone?

  2. TomaSis parašė:

    looks prety good its just a pity that we must lose the beacon for this 🙁

  3. Freddy Jimmink parašė:

    Works good also on all old or standard truck like IVECO, MB and RENAULT, and off course the named old
    trucks as shown above.

    On the new trucks it will work, but won’t be nice placed on the roof.

    Also on customized trucks the place can be diffeent,

    Conclusion of the mod: It works very good, the klima is skinable in every truck color, that it replaces a beacon light doesn’t disturb me at all


    • Manu.Be98 parašė:

      Yes thank you, yes, because that’s what I write down only for the trucks!
      And 90% for the Daf and Man because that does not quite fit.

  4. hamed parašė:

    how to create new icon for new part ?

  5. XRay parašė:

    Manu.Be98 hi can you tell me where I the v8 chrome part that is growing on scania how can find the thread on the windscreen, the part that you tell me where I can find it kan

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