180km + low damage mod



I’ve test for ets2 V1.3.1 it works very well, there is no conflict
when used.
I have moved the horn button. please check the controls in the game

-no damage truck [damage1percent OR more on the tire only]
-no damage propagation flowing on thetrailer
-no damage trailer
-max speed 180km but i do not know why I get just 150km[ask]


6 Responses to 180km + low damage mod

  1. Falken says:

    will its work with vers. 1.1.1

  2. sanjaya says:

    very well said Mak-Kyver .. but it there is no harm to try.I have not tried the other versions.
    And thanks for liking this mod

  3. safaat sanjaya says:

    thanks for liking this mod.
    you can download it or can see a demo video on youtube,
    I will give you a gift,
    you will get a download package for fun in ETS2. I’ve added all the files from the My Documents folder. it means you will become rich businessman transportation and high skills with super strong truck

  4. Quianer says:

    Your mod makes my game crash every time i try to play it. i’ve disabled and delet all others speed mods before runnig yours, but it still crashes. But thx anyways, i gess you had some work to make it.

  5. Rebeldawg says:

    It crashes my game as well even though I’m not using any physics mods or speed mods.

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