FXAA Injector


This mod improve graphics.
Author: Koneko-chan


8 Responses to FXAA Injector

  1. CThomas says:

    Where do all these files go?

  2. Emil M says:

    Read the readme..

  3. CThomas says:

    Sorry, didn’t translate enough

  4. Mod-Loller says:

    fxaa, mlaa and all the other Post-AA
    does not realy help. It don’t find the edges.
    In fact real AA is not possible with deferred rendering.

    use 400%, 1900x1080pixel
    and vsync or half vsync (notebook)
    for best results…

  5. Srele says:

    What is half vsync? How to turn it on? I’m playing on laptop-noptebook.

  6. Peter says:

    I donĀ“t find this on my computer “Euro Truck simulator 2\bin\win_x86″,how should I do now?

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