%100 Full Save Game 1.3x.x

-The game profile I created for the Euro Truck Simulator 2
-This is the final, what is done on it is fake.

Test: 1.34.x 1.35.x 1.36.x

!! do not re-upload !!



7 thoughts on “%100 Full Save Game 1.3x.x

  1. 1.34……ok ….1.35 ?? 1.36 ??

    is yours alone true?
    I play with another save game … 100% LOL

    1. president10

      You, I think you love trash. 😉

  2. richyrich01

    this guys a fcking ######. how can he have tested it on 1.35 or 1.36 when the latest version is 1.34…scs aint done any other updates yet the ####### moron

  3. richyrich01

    pointless downloading someone elses save game anyway, takes the fun out of the game…fcking pointless

  4. president10

    I am open to criticism, but the purpose of writing this article also works for future versions of the meaning of throwing ####, whether downloading or download.
    There are many fake modes so why can’t they find a solution? It’s not me, is it? tanks 😉

  5. President, stop it
    my save g ame is 100%
    I have 100 trucks 100 drivers
    all the workshops, employment agencies and all the dealerships unlocked .. yours is rubbish. I forgot I got 83 million, bye child

  6. zia azemira

    Confirm. 100% complete map. 1 truck man euro 6 1 garage. Thank you.

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