%100 Full Save Game 1.3x.x

-The game profile I created for the Euro Truck Simulator 2
-This is the final, what is done on it is fake.

Test: 1.34.x 1.35.x 1.36.x

!! do not re-upload !!



7 Responses to %100 Full Save Game 1.3x.x

  1. ciccio says:

    1.34……ok ….1.35 ?? 1.36 ??

    is yours alone true?
    I play with another save game … 100% LOL

  2. richyrich01 says:

    this guys a fcking retard. how can he have tested it on 1.35 or 1.36 when the latest version is 1.34…scs aint done any other updates yet the ####### moron

  3. richyrich01 says:

    pointless downloading someone elses save game anyway, takes the fun out of the game…fcking pointless

  4. president10 says:

    I am open to criticism, but the purpose of writing this article also works for future versions of the meaning of throwing crap, whether downloading or download.
    There are many fake modes so why can’t they find a solution? It’s not me, is it? tanks 😉

  5. ciccio says:

    President, stop it
    my save g ame is 100%
    I have 100 trucks 100 drivers
    all the workshops, employment agencies and all the dealerships unlocked .. yours is rubbish. I forgot I got 83 million, bye child

  6. zia azemira says:

    Confirm. 100% complete map. 1 truck man euro 6 1 garage. Thank you.

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