Маz 5432-6422


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For v1.19.x
+ Spelled out in a separate slot in the A / C Scania (slot 0 or 7)
+ Wheel adapted to patch 1.19
+ Its sounds
+ His Salon



19 thoughts on “Маz 5432-6422

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD Test Video on v1.19

    1. Walter Plinge

      Nice video – Covers all I need to know.

      Many thanks Mr. German Truck

      Thanks to Skorohodova_96 for your awesome Mod

  2. А авторов изначальных нахой послали..

  3. i want that weather mod dude :))) please tell me were to download!

  4. Killer of Thieves

    Взломали мод черти!!!!!!!
    Настоящих авторов укажите!!!!!!!
    – Автор шасси: Bruieser
    – Автор кабины: Jawa
    – Автор конверта салона в ЕTS2: Stalker45
    – Авторы салона: Bruiser, Stalker45, Mr.Nick
    – Автор конверта в ЕTS2: Dalnoboishik™
    – Автор исправлений и доводки до V.5: Stels
    – Текстуринг мелочёвки: Versetti

    1. Им пофиг к сожалению..

  5. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2Y0a-rFbPE

  6. Lol, The authors of this truck Bruiser, Stalker45, Mr.Nick, Dalnoboishik™, Stels & Versetti.

    Skorohodova_96 only took the old version of the truck \Maz 5432-6422\ and added trash, ###### man XD
    Аdministrators , please correct authors.

  7. TruckSimMods

    Review on Polish software.


    Testde v1.19s

  8. why this and others sites do not register the modders, so only this way can publishing the mod and ensure the veracity of the authorship of the mod?

  9. password???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. password? it says password?..

    1. Абдуленно

      Unlock through the program is not destiny?

  11. thamishetty

    very very good truck made by the authors thnks a lot but wats the password there is no password for 2nd file

    1. pls password for 2nd file

  12. Какой пароль?

  13. Виктор

    а как получить пароль к архиву???

  14. benny strike

    Абдуленно what program ?

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