[01.20 | 1.36] [TEKLIC] SCS Rigid Trailers

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Version 1.5.
Compactibile with 1.36v (ETS2)
Lowbed cargo fix
SCS Log C double
SCS Log D double
SCS Log single 1ax ( non rigids )
KRONE dolly /model
KRONE Boxliner dolly
KRONE Coolliner dolly
KRONE Dryliner dolly
KRONE ProfilinerHR dolly
KRONE Profiliner tandem
KRONE Profiliner dolly
KRONE Profiliner C double

Teklic SCS


18 thoughts on “[01.20 | 1.36] [TEKLIC] SCS Rigid Trailers

  1. roy.d esi01062013

    nice job sir.. i will test the mod with rjl tandem truck.

  2. How get you the SCS chassis???

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  4. thank you very much, sir. Been waiting for this.

  5. Been waiting so long for the update. Thanks, it’s amazing!

    1. I am sorry for that 🙂 Have fan.

      1. Thanks for the Update. Yes, I will have Fun as with the last Version. ?

      2. I would also love to try this mod!

        I have downloaded the winrar file but when extract it in my folder it doesnt turn up as a .scs file?

        What am i doing wrong, can you please help me?

        1. Just put zip file in mod map , dont extract it.

  6. how to install this???

    1. Downloaded file put in mod map
      And in mod menager turn mod on

      1. yea ik how to download but i dont know where the files files are to put in the mod folder

        1. i have the same problem

      2. they have to make an installation video

  7. where i can download rigid chassis for this mod?

    1. Couple mods have rigid chassis
      Man tgx by madster
      Actros Mp4 by alex

      And others its not hard to find it

  8. Hello, this is how to get the chassis of the truck.

  9. Robin Roelands

    what file must in the mod file?

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