1.19 Finished %100 Save Profile


Play with Euro Truck Simulator 2’s best profile!

● Compatible with 1.19x update.
● All map was discovered including Pecs and Szeged.
● Profile level 50 (52 in Scandinavia profile).
● All garages bought.
● All drivers bought.

Note: Any mod didn’t use in this profile.

Two folder in RAR file. “1.19 Scandinavia Profile” and “1.19 Profile”. If you have got Scandiavia DLC, you use “1.19 Scandinavia Profile”. If you doesn’t have got Scandiavia DLC, you use “1.19 Profile”.



9 thoughts on “1.19 Finished %100 Save Profile

  1. CarbonUndercover

    I have better profile

  2. How can be better? This one has it all??

  3. You forgot to set English in the menu. ###### turk…

    1. I’m Turk. That’s why I chose Turkish Language. It’s that simple…

  4. Yanlış oldu birader 🙂 harikasın uşaklı. uzun zamandır senin save dosyalarını kullanıyorum. teşekkürler.

  5. Hipernokia

    The map is 99,98% Discovered, do you know where is the undiscovered map part?

    1. I don’t know. If I knew, I discovered 😀

  6. hi thanks for this awesome save game can someone help me it says 99.99 where is the undiscovered part

  7. Its turkish and it has Going east!

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