1.21 Finished %100 Save Profile


Play with Euro Truck Simulator 2’s best profile!

● Compatible with 1.21x update.
● All map was discovered including Pecs and Szeged.
● Profile level 50 (52 in Scandinavia profile).
● All garages bought.
● All drivers bought.
● Language is English.

Note: Any mod didn’t use in this profile.

Two folder in RAR file. “1.21 Scandinavia Profile” and “1.21 Profile”. If you have got Scandiavia DLC, you use “1.21 Scandinavia Profile”. If you doesn’t have got Scandiavia DLC, you use “1.21 Profile”.



5 thoughts on “1.21 Finished %100 Save Profile

  1. Adrian Ganriel

    Thats all fine and dandy, but the beauty of this game its in discovering it for your self. Having all the drivers hired also doesnt make any difference as you dont have anything to spend the cash on anyway…

    1. It’s base on your view, if you dont like it, just get out and keep discover the rest of 99.99% of map.

  2. You can take such saved games for mod testing as example. But that’s the only use (for me).

    1. Exactly. It is the fastest way to test new trucks.

  3. Is this working or not??

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