[1.28] Kriistof Pack For Narko V1.1

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I have permission by MDModding for integrate a trailer in my pack

No open my zip /Install my zip in your Mods Folder

In This Version 1.1:

30 Skins Narko
-Tested 1.28
-Animation brace
-Advanced coupling
-Texture AO

New Cargo
Compatible All Pack Trailers
Compatible All Dlc
Compatible All Maps



Project 100 Skins

Ps : Please Contact me if you have a error
FlickR https://www.flickr.com/photos/150212228@N08/

You want to help me or just support me? You can participate here

Skins: Kriistof Trailer: MDModding and others

Skins: Kriistof Trailer: MDModding


12 thoughts on “[1.28] Kriistof Pack For Narko V1.1

  1. Great work. Thank you very much !!

    1. Thanks. I work for 100 Skins

  2. Francesco

    very very nice my friend 🙂

  3. password please ?

    1. No password , please link description, install zip in your mod folder

  4. Arthur Vince

    I can’t install the files into the mod folder, because they are encrypted and can only installed with a password..

    1. if you have downloaded this file you HAVE the “scs” file , .zip is fully functional as a .scs-file…. put it in mod manager and activate it – PLAY!

  5. ..and to Kriistof,
    If I understand it correctly this is replacing the previous
    – 10 more skins in this one ?

    1. Hi, Yes 10 more skin. I want 100 skins in this pack. I continu my work

  6. SortingHat

    Going back to ETS 2 after screwing around with ATS for a bit is a real treat having more variety colors and trucks. ETS2 was the real shine but now it’s so old it’s like lime. I think a major upgrade to ETS3 is now time.

  7. LudoModding

    Bonjour Kriistof , je vient de DL ton pack trailers , je les trouve monstrueusement bien faite , j’espère voir une mise a jour pour la version 1.30 et encore plus de remorques dans l’avenir , beau travail .

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