[1.30] Chereau Trailer

– Standalone
– Included in traffic
– Extended hitch
– Animation
– Lifting axles

What’s new;
– Updated to 1.30.x.x
– Reworked textures to match real trailers
– 4 Types of trailers (Different color chassis)

Tested on 1.30.x.x

Please do not reupload. Respect original owners and download link.

Quentin, Nabil, Kamaz, Ventyres, Sergeev, RodriGM15, MDModding, KrewlexDesigns


9 thoughts on “[1.30] Chereau Trailer

  1. ~100 MB FPS killer in traffic.
    have fun with stuttering game. 🙂

  2. jules.raton

    I wanted to download it just to see what you HAVEN’T changed compared to MD’s 1.28 version (31.4mb btw because he knows how to compress a file) but hey, my weak bandwidth’s too precious. And please stop saying respect original owners when YOU clearly don’t give a rat’s ### about other modders’ work. At least everyone’s credited this time, but that doesn’t make it right since I’m pretty sure MD hasn’t given you permission.
    Although I don’t like MD’s tendency to delete all his mods every once in a while, he does so because of guys like you…

    1. word.

  3. matdom1988

    Jules.raton ++++++1

    Unfortunately for a lot of people who respect the work of others, this time if I think I will not come back to do public mods.
    Only paid mods.


    1. jules.raton

      I fully understand your decision as I’ve also experienced mod theft (from this very guy haha) but this makes me a sad panda… I really like your work my friend and I thought I’d never say this but for your quality I might pay for a mod after all. That chereau is definetely the best trailer (with Obel’s LD Fliegl) I’ve hauled since I started playing.
      Where should I go to follow your updates? Facebook?
      Bonne continuation camarade! 🙂

    2. TheGreenlightTrucker

      No one can know if you are have stolen other parts to made your parts. So the pay mod scene is difficulty.

      1. jules.raton

        As far as I looked, MD’s work and models are genuine, no parts were borrowed from anybody.

        1. TheGreenlightTrucker

          But no other one can know it, right?
          & 5€ for just a Lowbar without a Lowbar is to much to.

          I’m glad that I can do a lot myself and that there are enough people who don’t want money for every little mod (BKC, RJL, etc.).

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