[1.49] Krone Swap Body Pack (Mod Dependency) [Krone DLC required]

This time, I got an “asset pack” for you ;). It will be required for modifications, that use models/textures/cargos from this mod-file. I split it from my other modifications to avoid conflicts (models/textures) and to lower the effort for other modders by not needing to add all model files again and simply “make a dependency” on this modification. This modification is a dependency for other modifications and will not add any content by itself. All files were modelled, textured and implemented into EuroTruckSimulator2 by me (Sebastian7870).

Tested Game Versions


You are not allowed to re-upload any files inside this modification
(§2 and §7 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (German Civil Code))


This modification was made by Sebastian7870. (Copyright© by Sebastian M. – 2023)



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