[1.50] Krone Swap Body Pack (Mod Dependency) (v1.4.5) [Krone DLC required]

This time, I got an “asset pack” for you ;). It will be required for modifications, that use models/textures/cargos from this mod-file. I split it from my other modifications to avoid conflicts (models/textures) and to lower the effort for other modders by not needing to add all model files again and simply “make a dependency” on this modification. This modification is a dependency for other modifications and will not add any content by itself. All files were modelled, textured and implemented into EuroTruckSimulator2 by me (Sebastian7870).

Tested Game Versions

Changelog v1.4.5:
-Added invisible trailers (experimental feature)
-Added new cargoes to the Krone Swap Body Pack (aluminium ingots and aluminium profiles) that were added to ETS2 with version 1.50
-Added LOD models which are currently not used since LOD models are not supported for accessory addon items yet (may be used in the future)
-Added LOD models to some existing cargo models
-Reduced the number of triangles in some cargo models
-Fixed a minor visual issue with the “Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (2)” skin
-Fixed minor visual glitches


You are not allowed to re-upload any files inside this modification
(§2 and §7 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (German Civil Code))


This modification was made by Sebastian7870. (Copyright© by Sebastian M. – 2023)



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