1 Million Minutes on All Ferries

In this mod,all ferries’ travel time is 1.000.000 minutes (16666 hours 40 minutes).In this mod you can also make money cheat.First hire a driver then take a ferry trip.While the 1.000.000 minutes of trip,our driver worked hard and got lots of money.When travel finished,we will get lots of money.Works on 1.36.X
Have a nice trucking.

AliThePro78,SCS Software


7 thoughts on “1 Million Minutes on All Ferries

  1. Seriously? ?

  2. For instance: Calais – Dover just about 2 years.
    Sure, why not…

    1. AliThePro78

      xD.Thanks for comment.

  3. EvgenKo423

    “When travel finished,we will get lots of money”
    And don’t forget the late penalty, which will be probably MUCH more than those money…

    1. You can drive on the ferry without any load…

    2. AliThePro78

      While doing this,do not take a job.Also if you make your load late (even 1 million minutes) you will get 0 euros.You don’t get – money.Thanks for comment.

  4. How to use? I put everything in mod but it doesn’t work

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