100% Save Game + Free Cam (1.22)


– 400 milion €
– 300 Trucks
– 200,000 km mileage
– 70 garage
– 100 level
– 99% Open Map

Free Cam Control:
Activation of the game by pressing “0”, the movement numeric keypad!
Moving truck to the designated place “F9″
Tested Version : 1.22 – 1.21

kuzu cevirme


4 Responses to 100% Save Game + Free Cam (1.22)

  1. lolxD says:

    Where are the zzzzz… mods from i cant find them ?

  2. kjell says:

    Well, if i try to play ur profile, i need ur login for world of trucks

  3. Monk says:

    Password to connect at you profile?

  4. Alexandre says:

    you’re not supposed to connect his WOT profile

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