10000&5000 engine for Volvo fh16 1013


password: gruop_m.s.a



16 thoughts on “10000&5000 engine for Volvo fh16 1013

  1. 10.000 HP?

  2. Noob kid, go play NFS…

  3. NFS . Go for it. ### is this ??
    Find something else to play with.

  4. tell me what is the point of a truck with 10000 bhp
    un drive able and a waist of time get real and make desent mods

  5. David King

    says password is wrong

  6. I like to have a set of r e a l engine/transmission – normal and to heavy duty

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    ###### MORON

    1. angelknight

      why all of you insulting the creator of this mod if you dont like it dont download it.. so simple!

  8. angelknight

    i tested it its nice mod but you should put higher torque for each engine you made..for example engine that has 10000 hp 3900 torque is very low it needs at least 15000-20000 torque 🙂 if you can change that will be better mod and more realistic.btw you made a good job but you can improve it 😀

    1. Realistic for a 10000hp engine? Some people make me laugh

  9. angelknight

    i forgot to mention that you need to put a new gear box because with these engines the default gear box sucks big time!

  10. that’s why I said waist of time gearbox wont handle it you need to make a new gearbox to handle that power

  11. angelknight

    do u know any good gear box for that kind of engines?

  12. Thanks very much gruop_m.s.a !!!

  13. slt moi s essaiye de telecharge le mod et je peux pas l’extraire il me dit mot de passe incorret

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