11 Wheels Truck Pack & Trailers v 2.0

11-Wheels-Truck-Pack-&-Trailers-v-2.0-1 11-Wheels-Truck-Pack-&-Trailers-v-2.0-2 11-Wheels-Truck-Pack-&-Trailers-v-2.0-3

This mod consists of a set of wheels 11 for both the Truck and trailer ( trailer wheel replaces the default )
Do not use with other modifications of the wheels for trailers, departures will be games and stuff.
Maud was tested, it works without error.
Before installing the mod to backup ( save) their gaming profiles.

From the archive file transfer 3:
– Rodas RealisticTires_Mini.scs
– Rodas RealisticTires_Mod.scs
– Rodas RealisticTires_zAle.scs
In the mod folder and plug in your profile, it’s very mod wheels on the trucks. Next, select only odnin ( greater than 1 can not be connected ) file with wheels Rodas Trailer ********. Scs ( what you enjoy ) and also connect the profile below the main fashion. As a result, we obtain the same trailer wheels and our truck , looks very cool.

Authors: Alespeed16, Dragon.911


2 Responses to 11 Wheels Truck Pack & Trailers v 2.0

  1. Moonzee says:

    I think the title has a typo because its 12 wheels not eleven đŸ˜‰

  2. CYB34 says:

    By far the best tires and wheels out there.

    All the other mods have weird sized wheels that change the truck driving experience and look bad with the static shadows, unrealistic tires and poorly created textures for either chrome or steel.

    This one nails it almost perfectly

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