[13.6.19.-v1.35.*] SCS Rigid trailers by Teklic 1.1

-If you upload this mod on other side please keep credits and original link
-For this mod you need to have ETS2 v1.35 and does not require any dlc.
-This mod make two standalone trailers from SCS Gooseneck HCT and Double chains trailers
If you have any issuse with this mod please post your game log here.
-You can suport me by posting your trailer image here.

-Version 1.1.
Dolly 5ax
Tandem 3ax
Fixed bugs

More info:

Teklic, SCS


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4 thoughts on “[13.6.19.-v1.35.*] SCS Rigid trailers by Teklic 1.1

  1. hi, but is it a double trailer? because from me there is only one trailer …

  2. No, they are bdf trailers. Pick teklic brand, click on first trailer chose tandem or dolly chain type and then click on chassis ans chose count of axels.

    In every chain type there is 2 type of trailer 2×2=4

    1. But the container on it does’nt do it

  3. where+can+i+find+the+truck+to+this

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