141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod


Changes in ETS2 141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver2 by Scanreg.scs since
ver1 :

– Iveco HiWay added for AI trucks
– 6*2-4 chassis versions of AI trucks introduced
– chromed wheels for AI trucks introduced
– fine tuned top speed values for AI trucks
– sideskirts accessoryes added for AI trucks
– side stripe accessoryes added for AI trucks
– exhaust_left accessoryes added for AI trucks
– exhaust_right accessoryes added for AI trucks
– front mirror accessoryes added for AI trucks
– side mirror accessoryes added for AI trucks
– beacon accessoryes added for AI trucks

– chromed wheels for AI trailers introduced

– realistic wheels for AI cars per type (26 variant)
– fine tuned acceleration values for AI cars
– fine tuned shifting point values for AI cars
– fine tuned top speed values for AI cars

Author: Scanreg


53 thoughts on “141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod

  1. Here i am

    The Iveco HI-WAY has always been in the AI-traffic

    1. I haven’t seen it -.-

    2. I don’t know what types of AI mods you have, but in the original game without mods in the truck_traffic_storage.sii only the iveco_traffic.sii row affect Iveco. The iveco_traffic.sii build the truck from iveco.stralis directory, not from iveco.hiway directory.

      So this truck in the original game is Iveco Stralis, not Iveco Hiway.

      But if you want, interpret my ‘Iveco HiWay added for AI trucks’ statement, so that in the ver1 of my mod isn’t Hiway, but in this ver2 of my mod added Hiway.

  2. hi Scanreg, is it compatible with TSM_3.5?

    Thank you 4 this mod

    1. Hi!

      I don’t know, i don’t try it with TSM_3.5.

      Enjoy it… 🙂

  3. THANK YOU very much.

  4. steve silent

    hey scanreg

    is this an updated version of the high medium and low traffic mod

    1. Yeah I was wondering the same. I really loved that mod because it was actually the first traffic mod that worked.

    2. Yes, this is an updated version of my earlier AI traffic mod at https://ets2.lt/en/custom-ai-realistic-heavy-traffic-mod. I polish it for months in my little free time. Meanwhile SCS Software released 1.4.X patches, so I have to make my 2nd version of my mod for compatible with 1.4.X pathes. I tested it on 1.4.1, and in these days on 1.4.8, and working for me.

      1. steve silent

        well then dude i say a BIG THANKS.. i use your mods all the time..

      2. Thrakazog

        I’m actually wondering if it’s based off the light, medium, or heavy version ? I use the heavy traffic version ,and would hate to downgrade to less traffic if this update uses the traffic population from the light or medium version.

        1. steve silent

          dude if you look up i had already asked that and scanreg already answered

          1. Thrakazog

            The heavy, medium, and light mods were 3 different mods. Each one gave a different amount of traffic. If you follow the link Scanreg gave you, you will plainly see them. I was simply wondering which of those 3 the new one was based off of, traffic wise.

  5. comfirmed, its working with TSM_3.5.
    love the job on the AI-trucks, they look awesome, I just don’t see one truck with the beacon on, isn’t that supposed to work when they travell with heavy load? :))
    3 words: GREAT JOB MAN

    Thank You

    1. Are you think something like this? 🙂


      Want it in the next version of my mod? :-))

      1. Oh yes that would be nice indeed if u could add Beacon in AI trucks if they have heavy or over size trailers.
        Like TomaSis said works nicely in TSM 3.5 as well.
        Ty again for this nice Mod Scanreg 🙂

        1. yes Scanreg, that would look very cool, seen the beacon on when they have heavy or oversize load :))))

  6. Hi Scanreg, Great mod, but I have a error in console
    00:00:27.276 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_02.pmd’
    00:00:27.276 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_03.pmd’
    00:00:27.309 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x2’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_02.pmd’
    00:00:27.312 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x2’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_03.pmd’
    00:05:08.453 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_02.pmd’
    00:05:08.453 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_03.pmd’
    00:05:19.220 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_02.pmd’
    00:05:19.220 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_03.pmd’
    00:05:19.613 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_02.pmd’
    00:05:19.613 : [model] Unknown variant name ‘chs_6x4’ on model ‘/vehicle/truck/iveco_stralis/lod_03.pmd’
    Any ideas?

  7. abasstreppas

    A big thanks for your work! Specially the bonus with the brighter Ai-headlights.

    1. abasstreppas

      Oh, I forgot to mention: you should relly post this mod on the SCS-forum too as a good mod like this belongs there.

  8. Ty Dude for the mod update, keep up the good work 🙂

  9. RubberStig

    Thanks! And thanks for sharing it thru DropBox – makes it so easy to grab! 🙂

  10. Very nice project. I’m checking Your versions from the first day of release and I’m so glad that You made most of trucks going around 90 km/h – it is a huge pleasure to play now. Is it possible to release a version where the top 7 trucks with top engines (ones which You called single cabs or something like that) would rather use trailers too and go normal speed? I don’t need to see those trucks without trailers going 120 km/h – I like trucks which doesn’t go over 90 but they are in traffic def files so they behave like traffic.

    So if I will change the trailer parametre to YES and put them to truck_traffic_storage instead of traffic_storage they will work as normal trucks?

    1. I’m glad if you like it.

      There are variants of top 7 trucks with top engines with possibility of pull trailers. They are:


      These rows from ‘truck_traffic_storage.sii” of my mod, so they behave as truck, they respect the speed limit of truck per country.

      The trucks without trailers in my mod’s ‘traffic_storage.sii’ hurry up for next trailer and cargo, and have hacked speed limiter what not known for the boss. 🙂

      Without joke:
      If I don’t put some trucks in traffic instead of truck traffic with higher top speed and higher accelerating value, there aren’t truck overtaking truck. And this is one idea and trademark of my mod from begining.

      If you don’t like this hurry up trucks, edit the ‘traffic_storage.sii’ of my mod, and add # beginning of this rows or delete it, and save:

      So remain enough variant of truck in my mod without this 7 rows… 🙂

  11. I have an idea…

    This is a cosmetical error, don’t care about it…

    This is because the lod_02.pmd and lod_03.pmd are not exists in base ehicle ruckiveco_hiway directory. In def ehicle ruckiveco.hiwaychassis in all 3 config files (4×2.sii,6×2.sii,6×4.sii) all the rows of lods[] commented with #. The SCS not ready with this lods, in the 1.4.8 patch this files missing too…
    In this situation the game work, with one deficiency: If watch in free camera view a !parking! Iveco Hiway truck from far enough, the wheels of Hiway will disappear.

    For avoid this event, in my mod I uncomment this rows of lods[] with removing the # , and use the lods of iveco.stralis until somebody make the correct lods for Hiway.

    With this solution the problem of disappearing wheels of parking Hiway go away, the wheels are visible from far away, but from enough far away there are an Iveco Stralis chassis under the Iveco Hiway cabin, but with wheels. This is most important, opposite of some rows in game log with unknown variant name.

    Simply not the same the names of variants in stralis and hiway lods, but the variant names are not unified in whole game…

    So I waiting for correct lods[] for Hiway…

    1. Thanks Scanreg for reply. Love this mod so I can live with it like it is.
      Lets hope somebody make the correct lods for Hiway soon1 Thanks again.

  12. very nice mod.
    very nice trucks.
    looks promising.
    load 224 traffic trucks.
    when I look in game its disapointed for me.
    to many empty spaces on the road.
    sometimes on the highway 10 KM or more,
    no AI traffic at all.
    maybe the problem is my game and mods,
    I don`t know.
    its easy to say the mod is no good so that will be last thing that I do.
    I think the mod is very good but somewhere something
    is going wrong.
    and I don`t know what it is.
    maybe iam spoiled with rush our mod?
    but that don`t work anymore with 1.4.x
    maybe you can take a look in your mod?
    and why are the read me and pictures in the scs file.

    1. Try only my mod without other mods with 1.4.1 or 1.4.8 version of ETS2…

      1. I notice that the wheels dessapear, i will wait for your update of the mod, its not a big issue :))
        I don’t have problem with enpty spaces in the highway, try to put the mod loading at last one coz maybe one of your other mods is making conflict with this one.

        Scanreg don’t forget the beacon :)))


  13. Yeah u actualy can see some AI Trucks with beacons 🙂
    Just 1 thing Scanreg i noticed and i hope is not just me but ^^ i see alot of AI trucks without trailers in traffic more than with trailers, my point is instead having more AI trucks without trailer and change the AI trucks with more trailers in traffic 🙂
    Just IMHO ^^

    1. yes we can see trucks with beacon but we are talking about seen them working :)))

  14. @Scanreg Ive a question … I know now that in original game SCS excluded the possibility of AI-trucks with trailer overtake another, is it possible to change that!?
    I find it a bit unreal if I drive with 40,60 or 70 ton and up hill at 15,20 kms/h, and see ai-trucks with lower cargo staying behind me and I must drive at left side for them to move on, on normal road I can understand (security issues) but on highway I can’t understand why.
    its just a curiosity.

    Cheers m8

    1. Hi TomaSis

      I understand your question, and agree with you. This is a real problem in game, that truck can’t overtake another… (Without my mod, for example)

      But I haven’t got an idea to change that behavior with any config.sii files. I think this logic of behavior burned in the exe of ets2.

      I remind you my comment at : https://ets2.lt/en/custom-ai-realistic-heavy-traffic-mod/#more-11008

      ‘I try it, set up unreal accelerations and unreal top speed for truck_traffic, so I give them the possibility, but cant’t overtake noway. :-(‘

      I think, at http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com/update.php in Model section the row ‘Prefabs tweaking (improved AI flow somewhat, major AI rewrite is coming later)’ not a random thing. Repeat: ‘major AI rewrite is coming later’ !!! They feel, that this complete AI thing not complete, and must polish for higher simulating experience of ETS2. Maybe they are inspired by my mod, but i’m not enough boastful, that’s why i’m not say that. Whatever I’m very-very waiting this ‘major AI rewrite’.

      I think, there are expectations for this rewrite coming soon: (for the advertisement of my homeland too 🙂 )

      From http://blog.scssoft.com/2013/06/a-bit-of-hungary.html here are 3 pictures:


      In this pictures truck with trailer overtake truck with trailer…

      BA 733BK
      customai dot ets2 at gmail dot com

  15. 1. It’s nice.
    2. ALL the trucks possible to appear, will appear.
    3. There is a serious bug with the headlights of the AI. They drive with the lights on. Ergo, significant framerate drops. :/

    Thanks anyway!

    1. 1. Thanks.
      2. Yes, they appear.
      3. Use 1.4.8 path. In 1.4.8 changelist there are ‘Traffic lights system fixes’ at http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com/update.php . I can’t experience this AI headlights stay on all day long with 1.4.8 patch.

  16. Hi Scanreg,

    you’ve done it very well!! The traffic now feels very realistic and the driving is much more enjoyable. I’m driving this on the TSM-Map from trucksim-map.com, may you get in there and adjust your mod to the map? If you like, you can contact me there if you wish.

    best regards

  17. thx for your reply Scanreg, in your mod trucks without trailer overtake us, thats pretty good, i like that … hope that the major review of the ai traffic will bring us good suprises like in that pictures :)))

    stay safe and good mods :))

  18. @Scanreg, look here what happened to me today
    Can it be influence of your mod??

    1. @TomaSis, that’s beautiful. Are you hacked my ETS2 141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver2 by Scanreg.scs mod? 🙂 Or you already have 1.4.9 pathc ? 🙂

      Without joke: You play on 1.4.8, or 1.4.1 path when this picture shot? Have you other mod activated, that affect AI traffic? How mutch is your speed, and how mutch is estimated speed of truck which is overtake?

      Happy trucking…

  19. … I’m the last truck on the right, he overtook 2 trucks :)))

  20. Amazing job with this mod!

  21. Hi Scanreg
    Playing with 1.4.8 patch and just with your mod, don’t hacked coz i don’t no nothing about creating mods.

    this was the situation: I come out from highway to enter in another one on two-ways too, see that the container was driving on the left side so I drive slower next to him (+- 30km/h) till I stop seen is cabin without overtaking him completely (just to see what he do), after a few seconds he began to accelerate until it overtook me and drive to right side, and by me suprise another one come and do the same, like you can see in the pic, it was normal speed so i guess the trucks was driving at 40/50km/h

    stay safe
    Cheers m8

    1. Thanks for write this scene. I will
      investigate this (or something same) situation…

  22. … sorry but i’m using other mods, there are:
    Audi_Q7_v1.0_by_Srele (1.4.8)
    Emergency.Cars by Daniels (1.3.1)
    New AI cars (Guarda Civil) (1.3.1)
    Ikarus 255 {Simülasyon TÜRK ZModeler Ekibi} (1.3.1)
    Tata Indica (UK) by İlkOyun (1.3.1)
    AI_traffic_pack (police, bike, jeep, etc) (1.3.1
    UK_Emergency Vehicles Mod (1.3.1)

    exception the Audi_Q7 mod, I use the other before starting using yours

  23. HoralkaEU

    Hey Scanreg!
    I have 1.4.8s, and when I load the game, it only loads 9 AI trucks. Therefore no changes :/ Any idea what can cause that?

  24. Are you activated my mod in your profile editor screen? If yes, check your mod folder (usually c:/documents and settings/username/documents/euro truck simulator 2/mod with Total Commander file manager. Navigate to this folder, and press Alt+F7 (Search command in menu), and in search panel type in searc for field : *.*, check the search archives, check find text, and type in find text field : truck_traffic_storage.sii, and click on start search button. If search finished, and in search result field of search panel if there are row(s), this mods conflict with my mods. In this case deactivate this mod(s) in your profile editor screen if use want use my ETS2 141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver2 by Scanreg.scs mod.

  25. I’m just wondering is it at all possible to add skins to AI trucks without remodelling them?

    I can skin just fine, but modelling is unfortunately way over my head.

  26. There aren’t skins in my mod. I just use the original accessoryes what you can buy for your truck too, and configure AI trucks for attach some accessoryes.

    Modelling is an other thing.
    However already I have Blender, and Blender2SCS addon – thanks 50keda for big work with this great addon – . At this moment, I’m learning modelling in Blender, and this sometimes drive me crazy, sometimes do well and exporting a working modell which look like I want.

    So, in next version of my mod will be some surprise for truckers… 🙂

  27. Hi, there!

    Is there anyway that could join this mod with the TDU mod so that the cars look gorgeous as well as having a making-sense AI speed, movement and appearances?

  28. This mod crashes my game near Wein, i am using 1.7.0S of ETS2

  29. Gustingorriz

    There is a way the make the mod run without AI custom trucks? Personally I dont like the tuning parts of the trucks.

  30. tuhkustuhke

    this mod makes ai trucks accelerate very very slow after the 1.11 update

  31. This looks awesome! Is it possible to make it work in current game version (1.22)?

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