Audi Q7 v1.0 Standalone


This is mod which adds new AI car into Euro Truck Simulator 2
game (only for version abowe 1.4.1).

This is standalone AI car (don’t replace any original AI car).

Just copy .scs file into mod folder.

This car is mid-high poly count model, so it can slow down your
game a little bit.

If you notice any errors or bugs contact me by email and I will
will fix them. 😉

Author: Srele [[email protected]]


6 thoughts on “Audi Q7 v1.0 Standalone

  1. can drive this car?

  2. No, you can’t for now.
    Maybe I will make some car that you can drive.

    It is too much work to make new drivable vehicle, I don’t want to do it just jet.

    1. You should never do it, this is Euro TRUCK Simulator. If you dont like it, go play TDU2 or anything similar.

      1. Testacc05

        Dude, Cars that you can drive are actually cool. If you don’t like it, dont comment.
        Srele, please make the car drivable like the BMW X6.

  3. It works, but it appears really rarely for me. Can this be changed?

    1. Yes it can.
      Unpack .scs file (it is .zip file after all) and go to “def/vcountry/[name_of_country]/ai/aidu_q7.sii” and you will see this “frequency: 2” put higher number to see car more offten.

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