16 gears transmission gearbox for Scania R


Details in ETS2 16 gears transmission gearbox for Scania R by Scanreg.jpg in this .scs,
– 16 forward gears ( ratios: 9.92 – 0.85 ), + Neutral, +Reverse
– 2.71 differential ratio
– 5 step adjustable retarder

Author: Scanreg


6 Responses to 16 gears transmission gearbox for Scania R

  1. 김성곤 says:

    User I Republic of Korea.

    16 gear is just really good.
    Thank you.

    • Scanreg says:

      Thanks for the acknowledgement!

      Enjoy it… 🙂


  2. szetland2013 says:

    why 16 when Skåne has 14?

  3. Scanreg says:

    It’s a good question…

    There are many calcualtions behind these mod and ratios in Excel. (Ratios and range multipliers in the Readme in my mod’s .zip) In my experience, the 4 gears * 4 range provides better coverage for extreme needs against 4 gears * 3 range, or 3 gears * 4 range + 2 crawler gears.
    What I think, when say extreme needs:
    – low revs at high speed
    – keep the acceleration ability for truck
    – move the cargo dymanically, horizontally and going uphill and going downhill
    – ability to move heavy cargos, example out from mine

    Thinking through these needs, recognizable the best way, that always must have a proper ratio. And then the driver will choose. This is, why I play with manual transmission.

    16 gears necessary, for the driver’s ability to choose. If needs justify, possible change 2 or 3 gears up or down, because the ratios close enough for the engine stay in useful rev range. As you see in the demo video of my mod.

    Get used to it, and after a little time you play musics on your trucks engine, like a piano 🙂


  4. szetland2013 says:


  5. Pooya says:

    i can’t use it i put file to file mods but in game not working for me please help

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