18 New Companys

new-companys-1 new-companys-2 new-companys-3

Mod version 1.2!
Tested on version 1.25.x.
New companies and trailers!
Trailers are included in AI traffic.
Tested without any other mods!

Bcp now is DSV
Euroacres now is S&G Farming
Eurogoodies now is Rimi
Fcp now is Total
Itcc now is Cemex
Kaarfor now is Carrefour
Lkw log now is DHL
Nbfc now is Orlen
Posped now is Fedex
Stein bruch now is CAT
Sanbuilders now is JCB
Sellplan now is Kaufland
Stokes now is TNT
Tradeaux now is DB Schenker
Trameri now is DPD
Transinet now is UPS
Tree et now is John deere
Wgcc now is Shell

Support mail:
[email protected]

Happy trucking!

Author: LVmodingTeam


3 thoughts on “18 New Companys

  1. hey when there comes a new version of 18 new copanys
    eg wonterspan from belgium.

  2. hey when there comes a new version of 18 new companys
    eg wonterspan from belgium.

    1. Lvmodingteam

      Is new version needed?

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