18-Speed H Circuit With 4 Reverse Gears


That’s a Mod, for the 18-speed H-shifter in ETS 2. Those, who drive a truck with 18-speed gearbox and multiple reverse gears, such as the Freightliner Coronado ( Freightliner Coronado ), will have problems when reversing. This is what my MOD will bring a solution!

The 18-speed manual transmission is as follows:
Gear 1-3-5-7-11: No switches pressed.
Gear 2,4,6,8,10,12: switch 1 pressed.
Gear 13-15-17: 2 switch is pressed, pressed switch 1 NOT.
Gear 14-16-18: switch 2 and 1 pressed.

The reverse gears:
R1: No switches pressed.
R2: switch 1 pressed.
R3: Both switch pressed.
R4: Switch 2 pressed, pressed switch 1 NOT.

You must select the “Custom Range” transmission.
Your installed this mod by going in your profile My Documents Euro Truck Simulator 2 Profiles {Your Name} and replace the gearbox_range.sii , which is included in the archive.


DOWNLOAD 1 KB [uploaded.net]
DOWNLOAD 1 KB [sharemods]

2 thoughts on “18-Speed H Circuit With 4 Reverse Gears

  1. EN-HA-Trucker

    Hello nice mod, but i cant shift up to 13 – 15 etc

  2. MidniteTrain

    Why the hell would you want 4 reverse gears??

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