18 speed shifter layout


Its shifter layout for gearbox_splitter.sii that allows you to shift
though 18 gears, (18 speed transmission are not included, i use
Realistic Physics Mod v1.7 Update for ETS2 v1.3 –

Author: SomKilla


9 thoughts on “18 speed shifter layout

  1. does not work
    instructions please

  2. Where to put it?
    Instructions ffs, so tired of ###### explained mods…

  3. replace your gearbox_splitter.sii in your C:\Users\[yourusername]\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\[random numbers]\

  4. can it be used in tsm 2.0 map ?

    1. Yes it can

  5. Don´t work here! This file is the same size of original gearbox_splitter.sii file, it´s correct?

  6. I use Realistic Physics Mod v1.7 Update for ETS2 v1.3 and this but it didn’t work

    1. It didn’t turn to 18. It was always on 12

  7. capo muy buen aporte pero a mi no me funciono es mas es un garron por que ya baje como dos configuraciones para el g 27 y ninguna me anduvo garron !

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