1800 Degrees Steering Wheel Animations

This mod changes the default steering wheel 900-degree rotation range to 1800 degrees, for the following trucks:

DAF XF (default truck)
DAF XF Euro 6 (default truck)
Iveco HiWay (default truck)
Iveco Stralis (default truck)
MAN TGX (default truck)
Mercedes Actros 2009 (default truck)
Reanult Magnum 2009 (default truck)
Renault Premium (default truck)
Scania R (default truck)
Scania Streamline (default truck)
Volvo FH16 (default truck)
Volvo FH16 2012 (default truck)
Scania G (Mod by JVS2018)

Full credit goes to Nazgûl.

I might add support for more trucks if you send me requests for any.

For any requests or questions, feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]



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9 thoughts on “1800 Degrees Steering Wheel Animations

  1. Legendskills

    I don’t think you payed much attention in maths 1800 degrees is unrealistic.

    1. 1800 degrees is more or less what most trucks have today.

      In case you had problems doing the math, when I say 1800 degrees, I’m referring to the total number of degrees from all-the-way-to-the-left to all-the-way-to-the-right. With my Mod, you get 2.5 rotations of the steering wheel to each direction.

      (2.5 rotations)*(360 degrees)*(2 directions)=1800

  2. can you do Man TGA and TGS by madster?

  3. also scania by RJL

  4. I have downloaded the Scania G (JVS9018) and your mod doesn’t work with it.

  5. 900 degrees is normal you moron….

    1. Tim – 900 degrees is less than what many cars nowadays have, let alone trucks.. Don’t call anyone moron before you make sure you’re not one.

      RJL’s Scania R & Streamline, as well as Madster’s MAN TGS and TGA, will be included in the next version (I’ll probably publish them today or tomorrow).

      Rulo380 – this mod works for me on the Scania G by JVS9018. So as to find why it’s not working for you, could you elaborate on what exactly you mean when you say “not working”? Does it crash? Does the steering wheel stay at 900 degrees even with the mod? Does the steering wheel not turn at all?
      So as to solve the problem you’re having, I’ll need a little more information.

      1. Hi, my steering wheel stays at 900 degrees. Can you help?

        1. Please download the latest version (v1.2), and see if you’re still experiencing problems.

        2. Please download the latest version (v1.2), and see if you’re still experiencing problems.

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