1994 Fruehauf Jumbo Trailer


You can fond this trailer in all companies

Aleksandro , Ahmet Özkul


6 Responses to 1994 Fruehauf Jumbo Trailer

  1. james polkinghorne says:

    download there not file

  2. Aleksandro says:

    Hi! Well done. I want to advise, download blender and using it to specify the path to the trailer.

  3. Ahmet Özkul says:

    Hello , It is downloading well. I dont understand , link is true, and file is downloading well so his trailer is tested on 1.24x works fine what is the proplem ?

    • Joe says:

      Everything is fine with the link, it was Sharemodes’s problem.
      But the ink I downloaded is for your other jumbo trailer the yellow one and not the green one in the picture.

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