1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD v 2.0

1999-Peterbilt-379-EXHD-v-2.0-1 1999-Peterbilt-379-EXHD-v-2.0-2

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Version 2.0:
– Old School skin
– Added coloring and templates

Authors: Aurhors: Ivan, Tim, Jon, Mars812, Coalminer, Stas556, Mishanka, Fox071rus, Dmitry68, knox_xss, Chris, Classick, Kriechbaum, skiner



34 thoughts on “1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD v 2.0

  1. Michael Piet

    I like how there is no video nor some info like dealership etc.

    1. I like how people don’t know how to open a mod themselves and look inside to see what dealer slot it occupies.

      1. But, by that logic, why give any information about the mod when we could all just find out on our own whats in it? That’s ridiculous. Where to find the truck in the game is a pretty essential piece of information, regardless of how easy or hard it is to find out yourself. Authors of mods should consider adding that to their descriptions – it’s simply common sense.

        1. No, because my logic specifically applied to the situation of a complaint about lack of “info” and specifically using “dealership” as the only example.

          Whilst I think it is a good idea for authors to include information like this, it was a poor example given that the dealership location is only secondary information useful in purchasing the truck in game once you have already decided to download the truck.

    2. The truck comes from the Iveco Dealer

  2. iveco maybe

    1. Badminton99

      yes, you´re right

  3. why did the headlights and small lights no flare ?

  4. CTD… what else…

  5. AlexCrazy

    authors of this mod dont’t update it

    1. kriechbaum

      The two updates are true.

      They really have been done.

      Changelog is :

      – Old School skin
      – Added coloring and templates

      Before it was just impossible to skin this truck.

      See u.

      1. The existence of ‘updates’ in the way of people editing a truck mod and re-releasing does not make it a real v2.0 or actual “update”.

        1. TruckerZer0

          It’s not your mod, so if the autors thinks that only add a banana on the dashboard is enough to call it update 2.1, 3.0 or whatever they are free to do without asking your approval, the end.

          1. TruckerZer0, yes, but the authors of v1 (original release) did not make this so-called v2 so as I said above..

            “The existence of ‘updates’ in the way of people editing a truck mod and re-releasing does not make it a real v2.0 or actual “update”.”

            No-one is talking about the quantity of changes required to constitute an update or that the original mod maker cannot name their updates as they wish, but for some reason you are so please understand the argument before replying again.

      2. Hi kriechbaum,

        there is no retarder sound in this truck included. Is this on purpose?

        1. Jad Kasti

          American Trucks does not have Retarder I think, but you have the Jacob. (Engine Brake)

  6. Trucker HD

    Spiel stürzt ab

    1. Ich hab keine Probleme unter 1.14.x

  7. the left front mirror does not work … and how to make proper flare in the headlights an small lights?

  8. Finally! Thanks Kriechbaum. I hope you like it.

  9. westernstar

    Thank you kriechbaum

  10. Уважаемые модостроители!!! Не могли бы вы учитывать то обстоятельство, что сейчас многие игроки обзавелись такими девайсами, как руль G25, G27, и др. К примеру я привык пользоваться МКПП, а мой G27 можно подстроить только под 12-ти ступенчатую КП, либо автомат. Ваш мод очень замечательный, тем более что я очень уважаю американскую классику, но из-за вашей 13-ти ступенчатой КПП пропадает всякое желание его использовать… Заранее благодарен!!!

    1. Ты можешь сам это исправить. Мод не запоролен

  11. Thank you for templates!!!

  12. Very nice Update! Love this Truck 🙂

  13. MorelyQC92

    hi, very nice job !!! the best mods ever made and is it possible to make a flat top cabine and a heavy haul axis please thanks everyone on this work

  14. it would be insane to make a long frame version of this perfect Pete! And allow Bennekeben do a low version of this truck!

  15. Can this mod work on the new ets2? Going East that is.

    1. Going East is just a map add-on and doesn’t affect truck mod compatibility.

      What IS important is what version of the game you are running.

  16. Luke Hopper

    Hey guys, I absolutely love this truck, you can really see the amount of work put into the details. I know this is a noob question, but I noticed it said that it added templates. I was wondering how to get the template, and make a skin. I tried reading the Readme file, but I do not know what it says.

  17. Where, do you buy this truck at? Volvo, MAN which dealers

  18. hi i am the manager of a VTC and we have a couple of people that would like a skin mod on your peterbilt 379 100% for personal use only handed out to 3/4 people within friends and no else will have it but we need a template for it would this be possible?

  19. Where, do you buy this truck at?

  20. Can you update this mod for 1.19 please beacuse all of the AI truck show as 1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD I like this mod

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