2 lifted axles Trailer

THIS IS MY REUPLOAD since a kid used my work and now the original mod is deleted!
1.27 2 lifted trailer axles – you know what this mod do, I’m not gonna write AGAIN

KiLLeR Modding


6 thoughts on “2 lifted axles Trailer

  1. yordidutch

    hi there can you please please please start again making the combined trucks or give me the mods i love them but i cant download the trucks because there is no file please i love them

    1. KiLLeRModding

      what combined trucks? give me more details

  2. Can you make a lift axle in the middle?

    1. KiLLeR Modding

      No, because it’s not realistic!

  3. Young-Gamer

    A definite improvement on the 1.27 update, and you were very quick getting the mod out there. We featured your mod on our V1.27 first look video: https://youtu.be/f-mV1FkPj_0?t=153

  4. james polkinghorne

    Can you make a lift axle for just the Rear pls?

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