[20.8.19 | 1.35] Trailers – SCS Rigids by Teklic

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If you upload this mod on other side please keep credits and original link
For this mod you need to have ETS2 v1.35 and does not require any dlc.
This mod make ridigd trailers from SCS models
If you have any issuse with this mod please post your game log here.
You can suport me by posting your trailer image here.

Credits: Teklic, SCS

Version 1.3:
Version 1.3.
Log 1ax dolly trailer
Conteiner dolly trailers
Conteiner C doubles
Conteiner D doubles
Flatbed 1ax dolly trailer
Flatbed dolly trailers
Flatbed C doubles
Flatbed D doubles
Dolly with SP whels
Flatbed B doubles (non rigids)

SCS , Teklic


14 thoughts on “[20.8.19 | 1.35] Trailers – SCS Rigids by Teklic

  1. wow downloading it now

  2. Terrormaniak

    mod camion ?

  3. Terrormaniak

    mod truck ?

    1. Wojciech Damian

      Lunna’s Flatbed Addon For Tandem and Ekeri by Kast

  4. JoachimK

    Thanks, works fine. 5*

  5. Proximity

    Will it work with your other SCS Container rigid mod?

    1. This is new version of this mod. Soo delite old and try new version. And yes you need to delite old trailers from v1.2.

  6. Terrormaniak

    truck mods ?

    1. Wojciech Damian

      Lunna’s Flatbed Addon For Tandem and Ekeri by Kast

      1. hi
        i ve got 3 mods and game crash what’s happen? thanks

  7. Blacksun

    it runs also in TrukersMP, il it is legal? ?

  8. pls update for die new version 1.36 fast pls

    thank you

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