2000 & 2500 HP for Scania R700


This mod add two news engines 2000 HP & 2500 HP for Scania R700.
Scania R700 required.
Tested on

Credits :
Creators R700 = AU44 , serega2012 , HaXwell and unicorn0007
News engines = goldchass


5 thoughts on “2000 & 2500 HP for Scania R700

  1. Here we go again. NFS. No sign of serious gamaplay.

  2. renaulthater

    All the 1000hp+ engine mods are useless. For gods sake this is a simulator its not a need for speed series game;when on earth people will understand this?

    1. Brian Earl Spilner

      The majority of players use a keyboard to play this game.

      That to me is more unrealistic than a 1000hp+ engine, but I honestly don’t care how others choose to play this game.

  3. sgtblazze

    i need it because when you overtake truck on 2 ways is hard also turn off the speed limiter

  4. Wich gear mod may i use for this engine?

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