2000 hp Engine for all Trucks

This is an engine mod for all trucks in the game.

Tested on : –> Works perfectly !

Comment if you need any engine mod for custom trucks.



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10 thoughts on “2000 hp Engine for all Trucks

  1. Make engine mod too

  2. Make Transmission mod

    1. Yeah sure, I’ll try to.

  3. handy for high loads

  4. Why do ####### always put price: 1 in their retarded mods?
    So they can spare some (too easy to make) in-game money?
    This is like a wet dream of a commie scum, price 1 for everything!! lol
    1* mod.

    1. Blog it …..

  5. please make a 2000 hp engine mod for volvo fh 2013 ohaha 1.27

  6. Plis engine for truck american in ets 2 v1.27

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