2010 Nissan Qashqai 1.34

– Fixed dealers
– Fixed physics
– Fixed chassis
– Fixed gearbox
2010 Nissan Qashqai

– Available at all Dealers
– Updated to game version 1.34

– Exterior + Lightmask
– Interior + Lightmask
– Real Sound (1.5 dCi)
– Animations
– Rim pack along with + Original Rim
+ Rotiform BLQ-T

Also, there is little tuning for the front grill
For some reason, I can’t update mirrors, if you can do it please comment and give me your e-mail.

Have fun!

Mustafa Kemal NUR, Nimit


7 thoughts on “2010 Nissan Qashqai 1.34

  1. what is it with all these cars? this is a TRUCK simulator, if I want cars I’ll go to a CAR simulator FFS

    1. Dart Tuner

      Nobody has to use this mods. If you dont want to, you dont have to download any of them. But if people want to drive with them in ETS, they can download such a mod

    2. if you don’t like cars why commenting? just ignore & leave it for others who loves cars.

    3. Yes, what a Lot of Users say. But they come from Countries, where
      they don´t understand English and the Sense of the Game ETS2… 🙁

      And 99% are based on the first Skoda, which is coming out. LOL

    4. Trucker Joe

      What if people want to use real cars with normal trailers, let them do it, if you don’t want to then stop wasting your time commenting like this.

  2. Dart Tuner

    Very good mods! I haven’t tested them all yet, but im sure it will be good mods too.Can you please update Volkswagen Passat B8 to 1.34 ? Wish you+a nice day!

  3. very good mod! please…. you could do the jeep grand cherokee or Ford Edge. thanks very good content.

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