2017 Nissan GTR R35 1.48

–Updated to game version 1.48

– HQ Model
– HQ Salon
–Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
–4 Different Front Bumpers
–4 Different Rear Bumpers
–4 Different Cup Attachments
–2 Different Spoilers
–4 Different Wheels
–3 Different Seat Covers
–3 Different Steering Wheel Covers,

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7 thoughts on “2017 Nissan GTR R35 1.48

  1. Please make it Fiat Doblo 2021. The license plate should be 12 DNZ 1623.

  2. abi lütfen Fiat Doblo yapın plaka 12 olsun ama

  3. Jalapeño boy

    Nimit please update your Skoda Karoq 2018 to 1.48

  4. Nimit, thanks to update Nissan GTR R35. Good job. Very good mod and beautiful car.

  5. where are the flames🔥🔥 and where are the pops??🚗🔥💨

  6. the mod is borken, lights in other cars are without texture and in not long time driving the game crashes

  7. the game crashes while driving at night time and other cars lights appear without texture tried quiting all other mods and also moving it arround in the load order doesnt work 🙁

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