Month: August 2017

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BMW M3 E92 2008

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BMW M3 E92 2008 1.28x Car Mode

The car was
translated into Standard M3 from E92 Hamann Edition, which I made in the past GTA San Andreas, as far as I know.
I keep doing the best I can on my hand.

The car features:
– 2 different wheel options
– Original M3 E92 V8 engine option
– Original M3 sound
– Supports all colors
– Increased balance as the hand reaches
– First in all vehicle galleries
– Test version 1.28
– Navigation screen available
– 6,000 liters of storage were made
– Maximum speed on straight road: 210 km / h
– Steering and handbrake animations smoothly.
– The needles do not work because I do not know exactly what to do with Anim.
– There’s no lightmask in the headlights.
– There’s a very small kidnapping on the corner of the mirrors that will not sink.

Anything related to the vehicle is available in your YouTube videos, so watching it may
not meet your expectations.
In the description section of the video, all contact information is available,
let your friends get permission before a bother. After all,
it’s a mode that takes a lot of effort and gets 3 days.
Finally, “Share the worldoftrucks link directly without changing the link!”

Metin Tınaz



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This mod includes a Pack with: INEM skin for the ingame Iveco Stralis; and the Hospital de Campanha trailer.

In the real life, this trailer is a platform trailer with two containers with canvas walls in the sides. Both them transport the necessary material to build the Hospital de Campanha, a moving hospital that can be built anywhere, in case of exceptional situations, for example, when the Pope went to Portugal, due to the huge flow of people, this Hospital was mounted on the area. This was the best we could do to make something realistic in the game, it isn’t perfect but it’s roughly identic to the real life one.

This mod was created as a replica of the real life pack.

Our ideia with this Pack is give support to the Portuguese firefighters, because they’re always untiring, and deserve all our suport. Due to this situation, we decided to come up with this project “Simuladores Solidários” (in english: Solidarity Simulators), that you can follow on our Facebook Page:


Este mod inclui um pack com: pintura do INEM para a Iveco Stralis do jogo; e o reboque do Hospital de Campanha.

Na vida real, este é um reboque de plataforma, que anda com dois contentores de paredes de lona nas laterais. Ambos os contentores, transportam o material necessário para construir o Hospital de Campanha, um hospital ambulante que pode ser construído em qualquer lado, em caso de situações excepcionais, por exemplo, quando o Papa veio a Portuga, devido à grande multidão, este hospital foi montado na área. Isto foi o melhor que conseguimos fazer para o ter de forma relativamente realista no jogo. Não é perfeito, mas é relativamente idêntico ao da vida real.

Este mod foi criado como uma réplica perfeita do pack na vida real.

A nossa ideia com este Pack é dar apoio aos Bombeiros Portugueses, pois eles são sempre incansáveis, e mercem todo o nosso apoio. Devido a esta situação, decidimos lançar este projecto “Simuladores Solidários”, que podem seguir na nossa página de Facebook:

Simuladores Solidários, The Lusitanos


Profiliner B-double by Kast

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Mod adds b-double for standard profiliner trailers.
Mod is using game standard company skins. There may be some issues with other mods that change original company skins.

I added two addons. Main pack is spawning trailers ONLY in Scandinavian countries. One addon is Trailers everywhere and other for Promods countrys where the doubles are allowed! Just place addon above the trailer mod!

-Game version 1.28.xx
-Link trailer is standalone

-Advanced coupling
-Steer axle
-Animated braces
-LOD Models

Author: Kast
Trailer wheels: Bora
B-link trailer wheels and trailer shadow: Abasstreppas

Kast, Bora, Abasstreppas


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