2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG S63 Coupe


– Very high-quality exterior & interior
_ 2 color interior: Red and grey
– Openable Front Windows
– excellent driveability
– wipers work accurately
– Indicator, Wiper stalk fine work
–It have original sound engine V8 of car
_Top Speed:155 mph (305 km/h)
_Dealer > AMG


Denis215, Gaza


102 thoughts on “2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG S63 Coupe

  1. pls opel vectra a or b

    1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

      HEY ONUR REMEMBER THIS “Dear Yahia Abid, I am sorry, I have written many of my comments as if I were giving you an order. You have so many mods and quality content. I respect you. Please do not ignore me. Take it into consideration. From now on, I will be careful with my words. Do not doubt that I admire the mods you have made and I absolutely admire your effort and quality. Please forgive me. I may want many vehicles just because I’m a car lover, but I’m sorry, I understand you, but I’m not a bad person, please don’t see me like this. I convey this message to you with my most heartfelt feelings. I admire every work you do and I enjoy using your vehicle mods, you may be good or bad. I think you are very good in my opinion. I think it’s always like this. YAHİA ABİD let’s forget the past and open a new page. Because I wanted so many cars, I confused you and I’m angry at myself for that. But everyone makes a mistake in this life, they can fix it themselves. Please don’t misunderstand me either” taken from the Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 mod

      1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

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        1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

          check it out on Yahias Hyundai Santa Fe 2014 mod, its all there

          1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

            im not raging, im trolling you

      3. Hahaha Easy bro, you’re cooking Onur or whatever the Mombo Jumbo his name is unintentionally 😂😂😂


        yahia abid and quality mod?
        Her mods ####

        1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

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  2. Roland Deschain

    the original 1985 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV

  3. Klaus Schwab

    why is everybody locking their car mods? i mean whos stealing them? no one that i can see, now no one can edit anything to suit their own taste, your just stuck with a generic car that you cant edit, cant fix the unrealistic specs of anything now, this is humanity now, government style control

    1. It do be like that. Another issue with locked car mods is once the game updates, mod is instantly incompatible and then you gotta wait until the publishers update the mod however long that takes, especially if you like the mod.

      1. Klaus Schwab

        i believe this has been mentioned before by somebody here, it makes no sense to do this, unless you have a complex about yourself

    2. Equality to the car drivers next to him

      these guys too have gone the way of being A S S H O L E S like mert irsi and nimit now, all hope is lost for any of you, thanks to f u c k i n g Onur and his excessive yelling and complaining and being a monkey on Yahia’s back and wouldnt just F’ off, Yahia’s gone, and your left with… well this, people who wont listen or give a S H I T what you ask for, no more engagement with a modder who was trying to do mods for everybody… sigh

      1. It’s really sad bro, that st:p!d Onur just F”ed up everything with his ineptitude and sophomoric behaviour always acting like a retarded fellow

        1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

          lol he thinks your me lol

      2. kudurduğun apaçık belli kudurmaya devam et farklı isimlerle yaz kudurt milleti ahahaha senin gibi alçak cahiller bunu yaparlar saten embesil orosbu çocuğu

        1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

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        2. Equality to the car drivers next to him


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          2. Equality to the car drivers next to him

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          4. Equality to the car drivers next to him

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  4. Please make Fiat Doblo 2020. I write under each of your mods. Please do not offend me.

    1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

      you have been offended

    2. sana mod felan yapılmayacak sesini kes ve otur annenin koltuğunda yanında araç sürücülerine eşitlik gibi ananın memesinin suyunu emmeye devam et

      1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

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          1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

            is that all you got?

  5. BMW e65 please 🥺

  6. Ahmet Arda Demirci

    Pleas bmw g20 320 2023

    1. M3 would be great

    2. Dani Carlover

      i bio bi dobar neki rs6 c7

  7. make kia cerato sedan 2010 please

  8. Can u make next time custom license plate

    1. yapamam teşekkürler

  9. Dani Carlover

    can u make an audi rs6 c7 abt pls

  10. can you make a car. any car. thankyou i would be happy

  11. mehmet zahir tan

    lütfen 1998 ve altı bir mercedes 200e veya e200 yapın ama kaliteli lütfen



    1. Equality to the car drivers next to him


      1. sen kendin orospu çocuğusun deli olmaktan ziyade annende bundan sayılır evladım

    2. hayır yapamam

      1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

        still mad bro

  13. Mo robinson 🤠

    hi could you please create a mod for the mercedes ml350 w166 please 🙏🏻

  14. Onuar get a job or get a fk life i bet u dont have a dad or a mom because u dont have respect at this point ur ip deserves to be leaked ngl

    1. He obviously doesn’t have a father or mother that’s why he sounds so disrespectful and vile. He should be blocked or reported.

      1. Hector’un Belli ki annesi ya da babası yok, bu yüzden bu kadar saygısız ve aşağılık geliyor. Engellenmesi veya rapor edilmesi gerekiyor. lütfen hector’u banlayın veya şikayet edin

        1. Onur why do you use so many names here to insult people why?

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      Girdap I have your IP address right now, so shut up if you don’t want me to share it. If you comment again, I will share your IP address publicly on this site and you will be hacked, it’s not a joke, it’s real. This is not a threat, just a reminder and warning. JUST FOR YOU. God allowed me to do this evil for you. And it’s in my hands! If you don’t want me to share everything and not be embarrassed, you are dependent on me! Warning for you!.

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        1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

          Eddy… Eddy… Eddy… you sir are correct, from when he was begging on his belly like the snake he is cause he wanted to pay Yahia for a mod, he was so desperate that he posted an email address… why? cause he aint too bright

      2. Equality to the car drivers next to him

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          1. Lol that dude is so super dull 😂😂😂 f’ing WHIRLPOOL!

  15. I love the cars u guys are putting👌🔥 out I wish there was one good mustang V8 🚗🔥💨mod thats my wish for this crismas❄️⛄ to drive ets2 with snow mod and with V8 MUSTANG🚗💨


  16. Andy Watson

    s65 convertabile I wanna

  17. your brother

    why all the comments bad in her guys please stop to comments for this guy onur please guys if someone he have the problem with this guy onur talke with him in another place

    1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

      your either Onur, or you just have not read what all this is about, so yeah nah sorry I am not going to stop calling him out for calling me racist names and causing a modder to leave, accountability

    2. Take off your mask 🎭 ONUR we know it’s you, tryna play safe uhh? Naa we ain’t gon let it slide, you gotta apologize for making YAHIA ABID disappear, and for constituting nuisance here and there, insulting people’s mothers and calling em racists for stating the obvious, the likes of you shouldn’t be roaming on earth with normal humans, you prolly should be kept in Mars or Pluto 😬

      1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

        you dont have to get involved Hector, but im glad you see what i see, but ive got this my man 👍

      2. Joe black

        You don’t no any thing yahia abid he make this car and he make bmw x6 2010 just he rename

        1. joe black, another name thats popped up out of nowhere, gotta put your 2 cents worth in too aye

  18. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 2022 plss broo

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      GKVFJX GAMING 21/11/2023 ETS2 MERCEDES-BENZ AMG S63 COUPE 2021 BY DENIS215, GAZA 1.0 1.49
      LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxLhMBBscRk

  19. Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 2022 plss broo

  20. the next car it BMW X7 2022

  21. Does anyone know the GPS background used in this mod

    1. Ivan Handzhiev

      I think its waze navigation

  22. Guys, that’s great mod.
    But i have 1 problem ( sometimes it happens with other cars). When i use this mod, computer on my Mercedes truck becomes just black. like it is shutted off.
    Is any chance to fix this bug?

    Thanks in adwance!

    1. Joe black

      Remove any mod have dashboard from manager mods

  23. te rog Peugeot 5008

  24. Peugeot 5008

  25. Sevgili Yahia Abid, kusura bakma, birçok yorumumu sana emir verir gibi yazdım. Çok fazla modunuz ve kaliteli içeriğiniz var. Sana saygı duyuyorum. Lütfen beni görmezden gelme. Bunu dikkate alın. Bundan sonra sözlerime dikkat edeceğim. Yaptığınız modlara hayran kaldığımdan şüpheniz olmasın, emeğinize ve kalitenize kesinlikle hayranım. Beni Affet lütfen. Araba tutkunu olduğum için çok araç isteyebilirim ama kusura bakmayın sizi anlıyorum ama kötü bir insan değilim lütfen beni böyle görmeyin. Bu mesajı sizlere en kalbi duygularımla iletiyorum. Yaptığınız her işe hayranım ve araç modlarınızı kullanmaktan keyif alıyorum, iyi de olabilirsiniz, kötü de olabilirsiniz. Bana göre çok iyi birisin. Bence bu hep böyle. YAHİA ABİD geçmişi unutup yeni bir sayfa açalım. Çünkü çok fazla araba istedim, kafanızı karıştırdım ve bunun için kendime kızıyorum. Ama bu hayatta herkes hata yapar, bunu kendisi düzeltebilir. Lütfen beni de yanlış anlamayın

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      1. Equality to the car drivers next to him

        HELLO Onur, I’m jealous of you, I admire everything about you, I’m sorry for what I said to you from now on, it was my mistake, Yahia Abed is a murderous scumbag, I don’t support it either, he’s not a good modder anymore, he was a troll, Onur, you’re the king, I can swear allegiance to you, you’re my owner, you’re the bottom of the man Onur, I’m sorry for what I did. 🙂

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      umm yeah, i just realised, i didnt write this, but ive gotta say… they captured how your style of writing is so well, yeah i am jealous i didnt come up with this, but its awesome how, again, youve flipped your lid 😭

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  26. scssoftware

    te rog mult Peugeot 5008 sau Renault Megane 3/4 break,daca trebuie le platesc

  27. add mclaren 765 2023

  28. Equality to the car drivers next to him

    Yahia Abid ets nin sefiridir böyle biat edeceksin

    1. Hey Sen Türkçe Biliyormuydun ? Bu Arada Çok Haklısın Yahia Abis Ets2 nin Sefiridir.

    2. equality for all vehicle drivers

      ben kötü bir insanım cahilim her konuda

  29. equality for all vehicle drivers

    I envy Onur in every aspect because he is a very special person. Yahia Abed is a very bad modder. Why did I criticize Onur? Onur is a very good person. I envy you Onur. Understand this. I am a bad person, but you are a good person, honorable and honorable. You are the best man, honor


    1. bana böyle İtaat ve biat edeceksin afferim oğlum. Akıllanmışsın çocuğum

      1. your MOTHERS MILK

        wow are you that desperate that you have to talk to yourself… what a joker

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        2. Fair User

          As long as you are here, I will haunt you, your new friend is my ###### son.

        3. محمد

          your MOTHERS MILK
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          ya sah ‘ant ghabiun jidana adhhab min huna ma hi almusawat lilsaayiqin bijanibik walmusawaat lijamie alsaayiqin hadha alaibn al’ahmaq ma hu laqabuk halib ‘umik
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          1. your MOTHERS MILK

            🤢🤮 word salad 🤣

  30. Fair User

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      1. your MOTHERS MILK

        ####’ English translate makes you look like you write like a R E T A R D, its just dribble

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