2023 Range Rover Sport SE 1.2

ChangeLog :

I Rebuilded all interior
I added 4 options of color interior
I Fixed steering Wheel
I Added a new Gps
I added interior Lights




17 thoughts on “2023 Range Rover Sport SE 1.2

  1. please make a navigator on the instrument panel and the numbers that you put on the BMW x7

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      yes bro Tomorrow update

      1. Dribble King gkvfjx gaming

        well its past tomorrow liar?

  2. hello. Your mods are so realistic and wonderfull. I like it. i think there is a lot of bmw fans. please make a bmw m5 f 90 lci. i also can pay it.


  3. Bro this steering Wheel still so wierd.
    And something is in down left corner with GPS , looks like it broken.

  4. Please fix the interior lighting, it’s not working.
    (Great Car Mod btw)

  5. You’ve done a very nice job here bro, I thought you’d add a wine interior colour, and the interior light should’ve been white and not orange, but then I must say there has been an improvement on this update compared to the previous one. At least now it doesn’t crash like the previous version. Overall I’ll give it a 4star…..

    1. ---------------

      i will update next time don’t worry

      1. gkvfjx gaming

        Yes bro Fixed Color Interior V2 ???

      2. That’s nice to hear bro, your next project should be based mainly on Mercedes Benz especially the latest MB 2024 AMG GLE 63S Coupe and other latest Mercedes Benz with interior ambient lighting and nice dashboard display and also 2024 Range rover Velar D300, Mercedes Benz GLE900 BRABUS, 2020 Range rover Evoque P250, Mercedes Benz AMG G63 G CLASS with nice ambient lighting. These mods might seem impossible, that’s why we don’t get to see them , you’re a genius bro, and I’m pretty sure you have what it takes to make these cars come alive here on ETS2, if you can pull the strings to make 2023 Range rover sport SE a possibility, then you can actually make these aforementioned cars, allow me to be your motivation bro, let it be on record that the great GAZA was the brain behind the emergence of latest and exquisite car mods for ETS2…. I’m sick and tired of getting unimproved and repetitive mods from NIMIT , plus he’s less interactive to know what people need and how he can advance in his craft, I don’t care what anyone thinks bro you’re the best in my books cause you listen and ready to improve and that’s the secret behind your advancement in mods creation.
        I intend creating a YouTube channel where I’ll always showcase your crafts cause to me you’re the GOAT OF MODS……

        1. ...........

          thank’s but bro me I work alone and I don’t have high pc because this my mods have a little of issues I will fixed all bro I can do any thing

          1. Thanks for your feedback bro, please start making those mods I mentioned if there’s any mistake that needs to be rectified, I believe you can gradually make them perfect. You are the reason why I enjoy playing ETS2 cause you’ve singlehandedly produced beautiful mods that seem so impossible to other modders who has a little limitations in terms of creativity. I wish I have your email address so I can message you directly bro…. All the same you’re doing well and I appreciate all your efforts, unlike most people here who don’t appreciate your efforts, all they do is make requests upon requests … Where I come from, when you appreciate one’s efforts, the person will do more. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. hey, good work great mod. Is it possible to add the scs licence plates on the car please, the mod would be perfect ! Thank you

    1. ...........

      wait to the update version

      1. im excited πŸ™‚

  7. go for GLS600 plz

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      Oh no

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