2024 Audi RS5 Coupe 1.0 1.50x


– Very high-quality exterior & interior
_ 2 Options of interior
– HQ UI Dashboard it have digital speed and Rpm gauge
_ i added lights interior custome just Pross ” O ”
– Excellent driveability i improved engine and physics
– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
– Top Speed : 300KH
_ 6th gear
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17 thoughts on “2024 Audi RS5 Coupe 1.0 1.50x

  1. Bro whats ur problem without adding the normal license plate that with the car model doenst looks realistic fix it please

    1. That’s my opinion too 😀

      1. .............

        steals mods from other creators from other games and dont bother to even edit looks lol

        1. Steal yours too if that’s how it’s done, no one knows it all, in life we all need each other to grow, no one is an island of it’s own. Learn to appreciate people, even if he stole the mods, the owners aren’t complaining cause they know somehow they didn’t just create those things themselves. Have some brain or better still go borrow one and stop downplaying your fellow man’s efforts, I wonder how your country people cope with species like you amongst them, why do I have a feeling that inferiority complex is at play here?🤔 Stop downplaying and go create yours!

          1. ...........

            bro let’s him don’t answer I don’t care about this guy he don’t know anything and my mods it locked thank’s

          2. .............


          3. Insert violin music

            hehehe hector, wiseman of the internet

  2. Female Trucker

    Just to let you know, there is a website for car mods as linked here for you.
    Much better on that site please.

    1. .............

      thats so cool, those cars from your link are so much better then these cars (facepalm)

      1. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself you faceless cow, how dare you castigate someone’s work when you’re inferior to his abilities. Hiding behind his name, isn’t that a sign of cowardice? If you know better please do well to create your own, and I’m pretty sure you downloaded his mods and still have the nerves to downplay him…. You should hide your head in shame you muke!!!

        1. .............


  3. Can you help me build a BMW G20?

  4. Convert Renault Megane 4,pls

  5. what is the next mod???

  6. Gaza please do the mod Mercedes s63 Amg sedan limousine with realistic interior and normal license plate its the car i want most in this game i swear if u do it i will gift u just contact me on dscord name is throyes1905


    Im am fan of Cupra Leon pls can you do it

  8. Can you please build this car Mercedes Benz E63s

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