27 Skins For BUS G7 1800DD 6×2


Paste only one mod at a time folder ( Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod )

Author: Luan Guerreiro

Edit Skins:
– Luan Guerreiro
– Mateus Geraldo
– Renato Tatoseg
– Daniel Gomes
– Leandro Exequiel


2 thoughts on “27 Skins For BUS G7 1800DD 6×2

  1. Luan Guerreiro

    Please, I’m the creator of the mod and was not asked to upload on any other server! keep the mediafire link.
    Thank you.


  2. allabahri

    I’ve held the Defence Ministry last, but it did not work
    And put it in a folder Mode did not work
    Where do I put the Mod campaign before and where I put this Mod

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