3 Axle Chrome Cistern Trailer 3

Chrome-Cistern-1 Chrome-Cistern-2

In fashion presents American chrome 3-axle tank. Cargo: oil, water, diesel fuel, gasoline, chemicals. The weight of the load 17 to 23 tons.
Trailer standalone
Added to traffic and orders Agency 52 the company, including changes of last DLC.
Contains a manifest.
Tested on version 1.21.

Authors: SCS, MiguelAngel988, Crisan21


6 thoughts on “3 Axle Chrome Cistern Trailer 3

  1. Aventador

    awesome trailer can you made heil chrome trailer?

    1. miguelangel988

      yes next trailer heli cistern

  2. I downloaded it but dont work!

    1. miguelangel988

      si funciona la descarga recarga la pagina

  3. Aventador

    i think your trailer tyres are to bright and low poly try to make them more darker and hd quality.

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