3 in 1 Houses by anto007 v 0.4

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I know how boring is to sleep at hotel, service or parking place.

I made this mod for you to have a place where you can say: “This is my house”.

3 in 1 means: House/Service/Fuel. I made 9 places on the map where are the houses. Enjoy it!

Update 0.2:
– solved crash errors;
– rebuild some connections;

Update 0.3:
– added 3 news locations: Ostrava, Bialystok and Dover;
– solved some crash errors;
– compatible with Scandinavia;

Update 0.4:
-solved incompatibility problems;
-added new location: Venezia

Compatible with 1.22.x

P.S: Thank you very much for your feedback!
I’ll continue this project if your feedback is positive and next times!

Author: anto007

DOWNLOAD 860 MB Part 2

15 Responses to 3 in 1 Houses by anto007 v 0.4

  1. Thomas24 says:

    Compatible with promods ? :/

  2. Kev-Ski says:

    I absolutely love this mod. Thank you so much for your hard work and for being generous in sharing it with us.

    Greetings from the U.K.


  3. Anthony Perry says:

    Is it working with TSM please

  4. Enrico Tiberi says:

    Please, a house on the road between Mannheim (Germany) and Metz (France)!

  5. fred says:

    And Luxembourg? Metz?

    • anto007 says:


      I made it and two more locations. I will add them in update 0.5!


  6. Space Cam says:

    the is a great mod but could you make it where each mod can be customized just like how you would chose a truck cabin, so when you reach the spot you have three options to chose from, rest, buy, and customize and one that you have to purchase. the normal mod is free but lets say some one wants a mod with a lot of stuff you could add it. i hope you get what i am saying. that would make it real awesome.

  7. Apl says:

    Do i need to have any DLC for this mod ?

  8. Comstock says:

    Schade, läuft unter 1.23 leider nicht.

  9. Bill says:

    This mod is great!…does it work with 1.23 ??

  10. Enzo says:

    Bonjour il serait possible de l’avoir en version 1.24 ? Cordialement

  11. D says:

    i want to use the mod on my offline profile, though it keeps crashing. is there a specific order that the files must go in?

  12. kiko says:

    i installed the mod but when i activate it my game crashes

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