3 levels for Wipers

3 levels for Wipers

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This mod add an extra (third) slower wipers level for both standard and UK interior for all default trucks

Author: Hicham


12 Responses to 3 levels for Wipers

  1. maddison says:

    Sorry, Sharemods says “No File”.

  2. Petar says:

    Can you make one for 1.18.x pls

    • Hicham says:

      i don’t think it is possible since 1.18 does’t have the extra level ,, it has only the old school level ,, fast wiper only

  3. Puncake says:

    how can i get this to work on truck mods?

    • Hicham says:

      you have to edit the animations.sii in here : def\vehicle\truck\(**TRUCK name **)\interior .. open it ( animations.sii) and make sure after this line :

      wiper_anim: “/vehicle/truck/(**TRUCK name **)/interior/wipers.pma”

      you right down : wiper_delay[]: 4 wiper_delay[]: 2

      for example for a default daf it would be like this :

      wiper_anim: “/vehicle/truck/daf_xf/interior/wipers.pma”
      wiper_delay[]: 4 wiper_delay[]: 2

      number 4 , and 2 are the seconds that the wipers wait to work again !!

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