34 Chinese Style Trailer Bags v 1.0

34 Chinese style trailer package v1.0
A trailer bag made up of the works of many authors
Adapt to 1.28.x~1.30.x
Riding a donkey for free sharing

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9 Responses to 34 Chinese Style Trailer Bags v 1.0

  1. ScaniaKing2001 says:

    Crazy trailers lol

  2. james says:

    is this working in 1.31 beta

    • 骑驴 says:

      Hello, I only tested at 1.28 and 1.30, 1.31 I did not test, maybe it can run, if you are free to try

  3. Sotiris says:

    does anybody know the name of the red truck in the fifth picture?
    your answer will be well appreciated

  4. Jack Yan says:

    got the truck too?

  5. luke says:

    Are they standalone?

  6. 骑驴 says:


  7. Edivad says:

    Very good trailers! Works on Thanks!

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