34 Chinese Style Trailer Bags v 1.0

34 Chinese style trailer package v1.0
A trailer bag made up of the works of many authors
Adapt to 1.28.x~1.30.x
Riding a donkey for free sharing

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10 thoughts on “34 Chinese Style Trailer Bags v 1.0

  1. ScaniaKing2001

    Crazy trailers lol

  2. is this working in 1.31 beta

    1. Hello, I only tested at 1.28 and 1.30, 1.31 I did not test, maybe it can run, if you are free to try

  3. does anybody know the name of the red truck in the fifth picture?
    your answer will be well appreciated

  4. got the truck too?

  5. Are they standalone?

    1. Yes

  6. This+is+a+liberation+truck.+The+author+is+no+longer+updated.+It+can+only+be+used+in+version+1.28+and+lower.

  7. Very good trailers! Works on Thanks!

  8. What a Password ? Please answer this

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