38 Roadhunter Trailer in one Pack


38 Trailer from Roadhunter in one Pack.With 3 new Trailer.



17 thoughts on “38 Roadhunter Trailer in one Pack

  1. standalone?

  2. Thank you! I have long waited for this package! Perfect work!!

  3. 2nd that, thank you!

  4. icebeer75

    Super Jop wie immer Danke Dir

  5. TYVM

  6. does this replace the vol 1 the 25 pack one or does it have trailers that are in the 25 pack too

  7. this mod work with trailer [ack jazzycat?

  8. this is a standalone package?

  9. Roadhunter

    All Trailer are Standalone.
    The Version 1 can be delete…Version 2 replaced V1

  10. matdom1988

    Fake credit is not good.

    There my cargo in with no authorization

    1. And you had no authorization to use his trailer.

  11. townterrier

    thx for this roadhunter, gr8 work…..happy u brought a pack out 🙂

  12. One of the best trailers mod very well done buddy but in the next version please add glass transport trailer or trailers, thanks very much for the awesome mod greetings from Rox 😉

  13. please add Toyota Material handling- trailer to this pack, logo like this http://goo.gl/mJ2Dbb, and i have to ask what is cargo in linde-trailer: tires, food or actually sometging related to forklift?

  14. its very wonderful pack but please add Toyota material handling logo trailer

  15. please add skin with Toyota Material handling logo

  16. Roadhunter, where can I get your 5axle with 1 axle lifted up faymonville multimax bus trailer (faymonmultibus),, 5 axle trailer with large steel structure or something like that, CAT challenger with wheel and forklift trailer, and the old CAT d9t bulldozer without download this pack? Thanks for reply

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