39 Roadhunter in one Pack V4


ETS2 1.16.x.x
39 Trailer rework by Roadhunter
All trailer for the Patch 1.16.xx
All Standalone Trailer
Compatible with all Trailer Packs and Maps.

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[resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading

– eno Windblade Trailer – fixed
– 1x new Trailer Fliegl Krone BigPack

Roadhunter and many more


9 Responses to 39 Roadhunter in one Pack V4

  1. Dan says:

    Thanks Roadhunter great trailers as always.

  2. mkettu31 says:

    thank you Roadhunter, but may i inquere could yuo please tell does this pack contain (and may i kindly ask to add if it doesnt) a trailer \toyota material handling\ with load something like \toyota forklift parts\ and/or flatbead trailer with trademark orange colored forklift trucks

  3. Sca says:

    D-Tec Flexitrailer Container Pack 3axle \ GTS \

    PLS ETS2

  4. Santiago says:

    what mean All Standalone Trailer

    • Rob says:

      It means they don’t replace any trailers already in the game, it adds more trailers to go with them.

  5. Radek_CZ says:

    AHOJ Řidiči ETS2 mod 1.16.x 39 Roadhunter in one Pack V42,Je Funkční pouze na Org.Maps,Tes modu v ProMods,TsM 5.4 (ERROR)

  6. Hugh says:

    Hi 1º thank u for the cargo pack but i think we need a new version for 1.17 because when i use the pack in game i have troubles like in other trailers like the truck have not traccion sorry by my english the mod is wonderfull but i think need a refresh by the way the big boxes can’t pass through the toll box please check that thank u.

  7. bigboy says:

    when is this gonna be updated to the 1.18 patch

  8. GAMERZ says:

    Roadhunter, where can I get your 5axle with 1 axle lifted up faymonville multimax bus trailer (faymonmultibus),, 5 axle trailer with large steel structure or something like that, CAT challenger with wheel and forklift trailer, and the old CAT d9t bulldozer without download this pack? Thanks for reply

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