3D Ad Trailers


works alright in 1.24
skins by Grinder, krone trailer by gile004

grinder, gile004(trailer mod)


5 Responses to 3D Ad Trailers

  1. mikehackenbacker says:

    these are excellent trailers

    • Grinder says:

      Thank you

      • zoso says:

        gile004 the author has not created any trailer
        krone he steals the work of other authors, and wrote his name

        • Grinder says:

          didn’t know that..i just downloaded trailer gile004 posted with his name and made skins for it.

          • JoachimK says:

            Yes, thats right what zoso says.
            And here he does´nt make the skins,
            it´s Grinder.

            Otherwise there is a lot of s**t from him. 🙁

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